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Beatfreak is the label created by Spanish pioneer D-Formation. Over the last 10 years the imprint has released music from Javi Colors, Metodi Hristov, Oscar L and many more…D-Formation is no joke, the man has won the award for Best DJ during a DMC Championship in Spain at the age of 16. His stellar productions on Suara, Toolroom and his own label Beatfreak allowed him to reach universal crowds, taking him on tours all across the globe.

The name of the compilation Beatfreak Off Week 2017 is in reference to “Off Week,” a series of events happening June 12-June 19 in Barcelona around the same time as Sonar. It’s one of the busiest times of the year for Barcelona. We took the opportunity to ask Dimas aka D-Formation a thing or 2 about Barcelona, his native hometown of Madrid and his taste in general about music:

Magnetic: What does "Off Week" mean to you?

Dimas: Off Week is our new compilation with carefully selected tracks my Beatfreak team and myself. We chose this name because of the well-known week music in Barcelona “Off Week”. 

Magnetic: You were born in Madrid and this compilation is all about Barcelona. Which city you like to perform best out of the two?

Dimas: Yes, Madrid is my home town, but the name of the compilation is dedicated to the “Off Week” in Barcelona. About where I like to perform more it’s a question that will remain from an unique answer because I like to perform equally all over the world :)

Magnetic: How did you pick those tracks on the Off Week Compilation?

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Dimas: Those tracks are picked based on their suitability for a summer music week as it is “Off Week. “ 

D-Formation compiles 20+ artists and all of the tracks selected are great quality. We couldn’t review every single one of them but here is our take.

Get Off Week 2017 here.

The Compilation starts with a lovely beat by DJ Dextro “Circle of Life”, a strong beat with a nice percussion and a trippy melody. Lelu goes tribalistic with “I Don’t know Why” followed by Anton Jay & Ian Luvig for “Cosmos” the arpeggio on that one will take you to another place. JJ Mullor & Nicky Three Sixty go to the dark side with Vulcan. Chris Gavin’s “Salem Girl” features hypnotic flutes while “Groovetonic” by Marco Cruz delivers an uplifting vibe. “Zero Zero” by Krut goes techno with some special stabs. Newcomer Rooke is on point with some Brazilian vocals on “Vivir”. Dmile aims minimal with “Blue Magic”. Vvithenu & Dedwork surf the melodic waves of “Ocean” while Wolf Story explores dark territories with “B Side.”

When it comes to music selection D-Formation is demonstrating once again some enhanced skills very few other labels can match, and at Magnetic we can only ask for more.

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