Collective Action Peace Truth Love, or CAPTL for short, is the brainchild of master grower E.J. Eco. Based in Portland, Oregon, EJ is a full-time cannabis advocate, cultivator, and consultant. It was an absolute joy to sample Sci-Fi, a collaboration between CAPTL and High Country Organic Farms (HCOF). CAPTL provided the genetics (Schrom PSA X White Fire OG), and HCOF grew the seeds into the delicious flower I tasted for this review.

Effects set forth gradually, manifesting first as a tingling sensation spreading up and down your arms and legs. Then it shoots upward into your head where you’ll live for hours shoveling into the deepest depths of your psyche, depending on potency, tolerance, and all other factors that contribute to the inexact science of plant medicine. Question after question, you’ll start to question the purpose of the question itself. Things, ideas; it all seems so much clearer, and simpler. And yet complicated, all at once.

Similar to the likes of Dr. Who, Sci-Fi, too, penetrates dimensions. Prepare to traverse the far reaches of the human condition. Or else stare at your toes until they’re barely recognizable. Utter your name over and over until it sounds alien. Be prepared for anything and be open to the unfamiliar. Above all, don’t be afraid of the rawness of this marvelous strain. Approach the feeling head-on.

But have too much and risk dying from the inability to stop thinking; have too little and miss out on it altogether (it can be subtle); have just the right amount (as it pertains to you), and uncover parts of your universe you didn’t realize were hiding from you in plain sight.

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Photo credit: Brenda Rose of Stumptown Green

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