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Clams Casino Shares Mixtape With New Remixes, Originals & Danny Brown, Vince Staples Instrumentals

Clams Casino is back the 4th edition of his revered Instrumental Mixtape series.
Clams Casino Magnetic Magazine

Hip-hop producer Clams Casino has released the fourth edition of his Instrumental Mixtape series. The revered mixtape collection features some of the beats he makes for other rappers, while also including some unreleased originals and remixes he put together for others – all instrumental.

This mixtape comes in at 13 tracks in total, with two new instrumentals from Casino – “Wavey” and “Say Your Prayers.” He also shares remix of DJ Shadow and Sia’s “Elastic Heart. The rest are essential beats he made for rappers such as Vince Staples, Danny Brown and A$AP Ferg.

This is the first such tape of Clams Casino since his third in 2013. He released his debut album 32 Levels last year. Now you can go out and record some freestyles or remixes on this fine beats. Don’t mess them up though and release it.

The entire mixtape is available as a free download, which you can pick up here.

01 Say Your Prayers

02 Uncle (A$AP Ferg)

03 Wavey

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04 Stem / Long Stem Remix (DJ Shadow)

05 Time

06 Worth It (Danny Brown)

07 Surf (Vince Staples)

08 Norf Norf (Vince Staples)

09 Kali Yuga (Ghostmane)

10 Leave With You (Lucki)

11 Elastic Heart Remix (Sia)

12 Talk It (A$AP Ferg)

13 Summertime (Vince Staples)

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