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Daft Punk Produce Aussie Band Parcels New Song 'Overnight'

Daft Punk make a surprise appearance producing a new song for Parcels
The Daft Punk Move Is Finally Hitting US Theatres

Daft Punk is far from the most prolific group on earth. In 20 years, the French robots have only released four artist albums (five if you include the Tron Soundtrack). Since their 2013 LP Random Access Memories, Daft Punk have been pretty quiet, but have come back to life in a small way recently producing for others. They teamed up with The Weeknd on two songs from Starboy and now with Australian band Parcels on their new single “Overnight.”

“Overnight” seemingly comes totally out of the blue. Since Daft Punk generally operate in secrecy, there wasn’t much in the way of press about them being on a new record in general, let alone this one with Parcels.

“Overnight” echoes many of the same themes found of Random Access Memories. It has the quick, addictive guitar melody and a steady groove that makes this song perfect for summer. Frontman, Jules Crommelin’s vocals may not be on Pharrell's level like the disco master class of “Get Lucky,” but it has the same airy, pop quality. With the two robots at the controls, it is expertly produced and put together.

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What this bodes for the future of Daft Punk is anybody’s guess. Speaking to NME, Parcels said they met Daft Punk at one of the band’s shows in Paris last year and the connection was made. Of course fans have speculated on an Alive 2017 tour this year, which has not come to fruition, but more likely would more music. When, is anybody’s guess.

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