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Guess what, disco lovers? It's our favorite season! It's time to bust out them swimmies and chill in the pool to some dope summertime jams. We've been sitting on our laurels for a hot minute, hence the radio silence, but we couldn't delay any further with this much amazing music fresh on our minds. Plenty of top notch party sounds included, put that playlist on and set off!

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1. Fouk - F3000 - Heist Recordings

Stop whatever it is you think you’re doing and go purchase this EP ASAP. Fouk puts down acid jazz disco tracks like nobodies business, and this release on Heist Recordings bubbles up some feelings you will not want to go away. Chunky beyond measure with top notch breaks and bridges, this is absolutely stellar work from the Netherlands-based duo.

2. P-Sol - Moods - Whiskey Pickle

Simply put, this one is oh so bittersweet. This one reminds us of that long lost summer-time love that we can never seem to shake. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll find a fresh special someone and throw this one on repeat. Shoutout to the local Austin label, Whiskey Pickle, for holding the disco down in the Lone Star State.

3. AMTRAC - Some Of Them Feat MELI (Tiger & Woods Remix)

Tiger & Woods are the masters of the slow burning heaters. This remix of AMTRAC’s recent song is a perfect example of how their stripped down sound builds so slowly that you’ll barely notice how long you’ve been listening. Everything they touch is gold, although they take the more “smash-n-grab” approach to remixing.

4. Junktion - Friends & Strangers - Make Believe Disco

What a bassline!! Junktion is the master of summer time jams and this release on Make Believe Disco is the perfect solstice selection. This’ll make you feel so good that you’ll get out and turn them strangers into friends!

5. Hotmood - The Fabulous - Star Creature Universal Vibrations

Another week, another feel good Hotmood track. It's incredible how well he weaves in the samples he picks, and even more impressive how cohesive they sound! We wanna get funky!

6. Anoraak - Last Call

Synth lovers rejoice, there’s a hot new EP that’s chock full of top-down tunes! “Black Gold Sun”, Anoraak’s latest release, rips and rides like a neon dripped Porsche down the streets of vice-era Miami. Throw on them Ray-Bans and hit the highway!

7. Harry Wolfman - Y'Sul's Ball - House Of Disco Records

This one by the Wolfman himself will sneak up on you, so be prepared. The trippy airiness lists from one bar to the next only to unleash THE HORNS on your unsuspecting eardrums. Sprinkled on top is a chopped and screwed vocal sample that you’ll only understand in chunks, perfectly matching the fit and feel of the song.

8. Cervo - On Rhythm - Lumberjacks In Hell

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Are you ready to shoulder wiggle so hard your head pops off? This vicious fusion of house, acid, and afro is as invigorating as they come; not for the faint of heart!

9. Perdu - I Need Some Money - AM

This delightful edit has sounds from another world and it’s one we want to visit! Another afro-house feature, this one's got timeless vocals and curious samples that weave and bob along with your brain. Go help the man and buy this one, dammit!

10. Parcels - Overnight (Maille Extended Edit)

It’s only July and Parcels has had a career defining year of releases. A testament to that fact is seen by the co-producers on the original of this edit. Daft Punk saw fit to lend a hand, and what an end result! 

11. Barry White - It's Ecstasy (Greyskool Edit)

Are you ready for some baby making music? Greyskool has a litany of light edits and he’s retouched a Barry classic to get you in a fertile mood. When the strings hit try your hardest not to close your eyes and put your hands in the air!

12. Daniel Leseman - Honey Rider - Kolour LTD

Here's another jazzy bit of disco funk for you. Ride these sweet and silky vibes until the wheels fall off! This one drifts tightly along a sick line of high hats and reminds you just how good it feels to be free. In case you're unaware, Kolour LTD is a top notch status label whose discog is lauded far and wide. Get you some!

13. George Kelly - The Nudist Camp - Chopshop

This one doesn't mess around, you know where it's going and you know damn well what it's good for! With flutes that are reminiscent of the garden of Eden and a set of piano riffs that linger just like the summer heat that tells you to "take it off!" George Kelly is an absolute master; who better to take us on a tour? 

14. Kellini - Premium Bananas - Thunder Jam Records

The title of this song warranted a feature on its own merit. We didn't know we wanted "Premium Bananas" until now, but now we don't want anything else! This one is a pleasant mix of synths and hard hitting basslines that round out to equal top notch vibes! 

15. Pete Herbert & Martin Denev - Washed Up - Nang Recordings

To round it off, here's a club ready heater from nu-disco royalty, Pete Herbert. His heavy approach is always refreshing; the light arpeggiated synths bounce off the hard-hitting bassline to remind you how deep the genre can get!

As promised, here's the playlist!

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