Cannabis is an incredible plant. It is richly flavorful, fragrant and delivers a boundless array of therapeutic and recreational benefits. But not everyone wants to, or should, inhale burning plant material on a regular basis.

As science and technology increasingly enter the world of cannabis, more of us are seeking out premium products that deliver the best flavors, aromas and effects, without the harsh smoke and resin that accompany an old fashioned joint or bong hit.

Denver-based Evolab has led the way in implementing advanced technologies to transform premium raw cannabis into the best extracts and products. Evolab’s Alchemy™ oils are a perfect example of the evolution of cannabis products in legal markets.

When Evolab was founded in 2011 with the goal of providing Colorado cannabis consumers with an incomparable line of extracts, vaporizer cartridges and topical products, the team began by exploring the current state of the art in processing technology. At the time, this largely consisted of crude extraction processes using dangerous solvents including ethanol, pentane and hexane, or antiquated approaches like cold water extraction that were highly inefficient. These indelicate processes resulted in outputs devoid of the beneficial terpenes that provide cannabis with its exceptional flavors, aromas and effects. While certain BHO and PHO processes were developed that managed to preserve terpenes, these oils could contain potentially dangerous residues if not properly purged - a process which could further damage or convert any remaining terpenes.

Terpenes are an essential element of the cannabis experience. A theory known as the Entourage Effect suggests that the beneficial impact of the whole plant is greater than the sum of its individual parts. Extraction processes that only output THC, without terpenes, simply don’t deliver the plant’s full effects. When the Evolab team realized that most existing extraction processes were neglecting the full spectrum of the plant, they sought out a new way of processing using CO2 that would maintain those beneficial compounds, without using any dangerous solvents that could leave harsh residues or require purging.

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Through significant research and development, Evolab created the cannabis industry’s first clean CO2 extraction solution that not only preserves terpenes, but also allows for the extraction of the entire profile of any plant. Furthermore, this approach provides the unique ability to extract only the terpenes if desired, which led to the first product line featuring pure cannabis terpene profiles —FreshTerps™.

Of course, creating the best extracts starts long before raw material enters the laboratory. Just like anything, what you put in dictates what you get out. This is especially true with cannabis processing. That's why Evolab takes care to only source the best material from the most respected cultivators that have been carefully and consistently optimizing their operations for years. The Evolab team visits farms to understand the people and practices behind the material they use. They meticulously inspect every facility — analyzing consistency, genetics, pesticide use, cultivation methodologies, testing standards and much more. Then they sample, test and analyze — looking for good things like cannabinoid and terpene levels, and things to avoid — like microbial contamination and pesticides. Since each batch is subject to rigorous quality inspection and availability, all strains are essentially limited stock.

After sourcing the very best material available, the real fun begins. Back at Evolab headquarters, a team of chemists uses proprietary pharmaceutical-grade CO2 technology to begin the complex process of breaking down the material into its basic elements: cannabinoids, terpenes, terpenoids and byproducts like waxes and chlorophyll. These outputs are further purified through winterization and distillation processes, then thoughtfully recombined into products like Alchemy™. Although many companies add chemical stabilizers, cutting agents and even synthetic terpenes to their oil blends, Evolab stays true to the plant by adding nothing to its products but pure cannabinoids and FreshTerps™.

To properly enjoy the best cannabis oils, you need the highest quality hardware to complete the perfect user experience. Unfortunately, many vaporizer cartridges utilize low quality materials that lead to leakage, burning and even dangerous off-gassing from heated plastic. To avoid all of these issues, the Evolab team spent years tirelessly seeking out the best vape hardware to match

their uncompromising, uncut cannabis extracts — eventually selecting a design that incorporates premium materials like stainless steel, pyrex glass and a fiberglass wick, paired with a customizable variable draw technology that replicates a dab, a slow vape draw, or anything in between. The discrete device offers the best of a traditional cannabis experience, elevated to the next level, and packaged in a convenient, easy to use form that can be enjoyed nearly anywhere.

While the cannabis industry is still in its early years, companies like Evolab have quickly shown that customers are ready for the future of cannabis technology. Learn more about Evolab products at your favorite dispensary or visit

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