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Giegling Removed From Sunfall Festival Amid Co-Founder Konstantin Sexist Comments Controversy

The London Festival is the first to drop the collective amid a row over sexist remarks made by the DJ
Konstantin Photo Magnetic Mag

German DJ collective and record label, Giegling, has been dropped from London’s Sunfall Festival in August. The move comes after some sexist comments by the collective’s founder, Konstantin, to German publication Groove Magazine for a profile about the collective.

In a statement posted on Facebook, the festival announced they were removing the collective’s nighttime party from the schedule this year.

"Out of respect for the incredible female talent we have with us at Sunfall this year, it's with regret we announce the Giegling night session will not be going ahead,” writes Sunfall.

“We are shocked to hear of Konstantin's recent comments, and disagree with them completely.

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Joint day and night ticket holders will be notified via email, if you do hold a Giegling ticket email us at for more night session options.”

Konstantin, a touring DJ of his own with gigs at festivals and around big clubs in Europe this summer, spoke to Groove and according to the writer made some sexist remarks about the ability of women DJs. Though there aren’t any direct quotes from him, the writer paraphrases his words to say that he thinks “women are usually worse at DJing than men” and women are “disproportionally promoted” compared to men.

Konstantin responded with a statement to Mixmag, saying, "I feel deeply sorry about the words that have been printed. These words are not a direct quote and are in my opinion misleading. I actually learned to DJ from my friend Sarah and of course I don't think women are worse DJs than men. I completely regret what was said in that private conversation with the journalist where she did not appreciate my bad sense of humor and my habit of taking opposite positions to challenge people, even if it sometimes goes way beyond my own opinion.

What was written does not reflect my opinion nor is it at all anything other people from the label would ever say or feel. I accept the journalist's point on the boy's club. But we want women to be involved and we were always trying to involve women in our action."

If you are a German speaker, read the profile and see for yourself and there could be more fall out from it to come. 

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