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Glamping At LIB In The Alien Buffalo Travel Shelter

This innovative tent has everything you need for easy festival glamping
Alien Buffalo Travel Shelter at Lib 

Alien Buffalo Travel Shelter at Lib 

Camping at festivals can be exhausting when it’s still early in the morning and the inside of your tent heats up at the first sign of sunlight. For that reason, when searching tent options for Lightning in a Bottle festival a few weeks ago, I was looking for a unique tent to keep my boyfriend and I sheltered from the daytime sun and warm during the chilly nights while camping at the festival. The temperature at LiB last year almost hit 100 degrees, forcing us to spend too much of our time in the day trying to chill out in our tent that felt like a sauna. This obviously wasn’t a very good time, therefore we agreed that we would never subject ourselves to that again. 

After a bit of research on heat resistant tents, I found Alien Buffalo, which was exactly what I was looking for and so much more. We got our hands on an Alien Buffalo Travel Shelter right before LiB, and it easily turned out to be the best festival camping experience we’ve ever had after years of attending camping festivals. 

Disclaimer: This review is for The Buffalo Whiteout Travel Shelter

Easy Setup

We arrived at LiB just before sunset, but it was plenty of time to set up our tent with plenty of light still out. In just ten minutes, the tent went from being in the trunk to completely set up. Being that it’s a huge tepee style tent capable of sleeping up to fourteen people, I assumed it would take awhile to figure it out, but the manual directions were extremely easy to follow and steps were minimal. As we finished setting up, many people walking became curious and stopped to ask us questions as they had never seen a tent like ours before. I was immediately reassured our new Alien Buffalo Travel Shelter was meant to be. 

Innovative Design 

Originally conceptualized for the harsh conditions of tent camping at Burning Man, the Travel Shelter tent is supported by carbon fiber telescopic legs making the tent extremely strong and no center pole is needed, which means you can hang anything up to 200 pounds in the center. This allowed us to get creative and hang a giant disco ball in the center of the tent, which was amazing to feel at home while camping at a festival nonetheless. Yes, I am obsessed with disco balls in case you’re wondering. 

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Made with military grade materials, the tent withstands 100 mph winds thanks to its ultra durable frame and pyramid-like design. The Travel Shelter is also waterproof and fully seam sealed, features full-coverage polyester ripstop resistant to scratching and UV rays, and contains AC ducts to install AC units for those wanting to be extra comfortable. All this, and it is extremely portable weighing in at only 47 pounds. 

Spacious interior 

Spacious interior 

Comfort and Size

Even with a bed, two storage boxes, small table, couch, two coolers, luggage bags and more stored in the tent, we still had plenty of room to move around and fit more people if needed. With a floor area of 204 sq. ft. and a high ceiling of over 9ft., it felt like we were in the comfort of our own room and not camping outside in a tent. The tent was cozy at night, although we did have to keep one of the four small vents open to keep the air circulating. 

Heat Resistant and Blackout Effect

With a heat resistant white exterior coating, we weren’t woken up by the blazing sun piercing through our tent at 8 am and were actually able to sleep in after a long night...Hallelujah! On the last night of LiB, we stayed up past sunrise and I ended up sleeping until 1 pm the next day without being aware of the time because I was so comfortable. I was pleasantly surprised to find we could chill in the tent during all hours of the day, mission accomplished! The Travel Shelter also features a blackout coating interior, which blocks the sun 100% with no fly needed. The blackout effect helped us sleep much better as we weren’t awakened by the sunlight at sunrise. As we all know, getting a good night's sleep is vital at festivals when your energy is already running on fumes by the end of the weekend. 

Whether you’re looking for the ideal tent for a festival or Burning Man, camping at the beach or in the woods, the Alien Buffalo Travel Shelter is an obvious choice with its multi-weather camping capability. Shelter, sanctuary, or chill space, it is made to fit your each and every need. We enjoyed the tent so much that it is currently set up in our backyard right now as an outdoor hangout spot for these pleasant mid-summer nights. 

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Alien Buffalo logo

Alien Buffalo logo

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