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CBD products offer the health benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive high of THC. I personally use CBD to combat chronic anxiety at work. That way, I can focus on my work without experiencing any type of high on-the-job.

Bhang, based in Las Vegas, Nevada, offers both CBD and THC products in a few forms: chewing gum, edible spray, delicious chocolates, and vape cartridges. In an exchange for an honest review for Magnetic Magazine, the company sent me their CBD gum and spray to try out.

The spray is better for moderate doses. One squirt of the spray feels like nothing, but two or three does the trick while at work. The discreteness of the spray’s packaging helps conceal what I’m *actually* doing on the job as well.

Four to five squirts will help you fall asleep for sure, but only if you’re already tired. Unfortunately, I sometimes suffer from restless nights, which I use cannabis to treat. In my attempts, the spray hasn’t been able to help my insomnia unless of course, I was already tired.

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The chewing gum--a much stronger dose at 25mg per piece--isn’t as ideal for work (if you work in a fast-paced office like mine, at least) unless you’re treating chronic pain or an exceptionally bad mental health day. However, it comes particularly in handy when you accidentally get too stoned and need CBD to bring you down faster.

According to Leafly, CBD reacts with the brain simulator that reacts to THC. Additionally, CBD fights anxiety even without THC, so that also combats any feelings of paranoia and stress. In addition to consuming CBD, you should try resting, sleeping, drink plenty of water, eating, bathing, and walking.

Plus, the fact that it’s a chewing gum helps bring down an intense high. When I’m way too stoned, I find that I need to be doing something mindless like chewing (or doing ridiculous stretches) to help distract myself. The gum really helps your mind focus on something if you’re overly aware of your body.

The overall verdict? The gum is the most useful method for me personally out of the two, but two to three squirts of the spray also fight my anxiety while at work.

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