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House Premiere: Kryoman Wonders What 'Biggie Says' In New Video

A wild, animated Biggie head is on the loose in Kryoman's new video

Kryoman, an Ultra Music Festival main stay has been quiet for most of 2017. That changes now. We are happy to present the music video for his new single “Biggie Says.”

The animated video matches the energy of the upbeat house track that edges into the territory of bass house, but doesn’t fall into the traps of generically adding dubstep womps for no reason. The animated video features the iconic picture of Biggie with a crown on his head as a large figure flying around various multi-colored spaces. It almost has a Rainbow Road mixed with Tron feel to it at times.

Thom van Vliet at Studio Rewind TV put the video together and Blav created the B.I.G. head model.

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“Biggie says has been a really fun release, I've had so much support all across the industry right from the get go and it keeps growing,” says Kryoman. “For the music video I really tried to do something original, futuristic with a touch of old school (hence the arcade) so the robot biggie head manifested. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as we did making it.”

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