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Hailing from Montpellier, France, Middle is a newcomer you want keep an eye on! His latest production "Don't You Say" is certainly on point! Featuring some funky stabs and lovely vocals, it's between indie, deep house, soul and more.

The song is being released on Basemnt, a sub label of XTENDED Records. He's also preparing an EP Kitsune records. 

Influenced by the U.K and French House scene, Middle, showcases a unique track in anticipation for his upcoming EP on the Miami-based imprint XTENDED.

We sat down with the Frenchman to talk music, his aspirations for the future and what's his home town of Montpellier like. 

Tell us a little more about this release, what inspired you for this track?

The inspiration for this one comes from the feeling of getting better after some personal troubles.

What does the future hold for Middle, can we expect an EP on the horizon soon?          

I’m actually finishing up an EP I’ve been working on for the past few weeks, so I’m really excited for that. In the meantime, “Broken Rhodes" is forthcoming on Kitsuné, which is also going to be really great!

What is a typical day in your life?

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Mornings rarely change– I light up a cigarette and drink coffee while I sit down and think about the day before, and most importantly, the one ahead.

Who are your biggest influencers in the music industry?

For one— Disclosure. When they first came out they implement a 90’s style groove with modern features and they really caught my attention. Another influence would be Phoenix for the showcasing that French-y vibe I love so much.

What would be your dream venue to play at be like? Paint us a picture

My dream venue would be a skyline setting at Venice Beach, right as the sun is setting. Surrounded my good friends, a great crowd, and amazing music.

If you could collaborate with any artist in the World, tomorrow, who would it be?

Nvoy, because they have influenced me so much. I love their style and admire their production. They seem like all around genuine people, and it would be cool working side by side with them.

How has living in Montpellier affected your life as a producer the most?

Montpellier is a sunny city in south of France with a chill and groovy music scene. I try to have my music reflect what it’s like to live there, which is just an overall good vibe. There are also plenty of talented producers I like to get advice from and collaborate with, so it motivates me to stay productive.

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