Dirtybird Records mainstay Shiba San burst onto the scene internationally with his ubiquitous club hit “OKAY.” Since then he has continued his output of quality dancefloor-driven records and touring the globe playing festivals and clubs. San has just released a brand new 3-track EP titled What’s On My Mind via Lee Foss’s Repopulate Mars label. We also had a chance to chat with Shiba San for a brief interview about the EP and more.

The EP dives into what has made Shiba San a favorite on the club circuit and by his peers. “What’s On Mind” a chunky dancefloor cut with a pitched vocal and scattered effects. Bonton then takes the song and gives a techier feel with bigger hi-hats and spacey synths.

If you thought you had some nice low end on “What’s On My Mind,” well “Oh My God” will blow those speakers out. This is the Shiba San you wanted to demolish dancefloors.

Stream the EP below and then read on for our short chat with him. Buy the EP here.

MM: Why did you have Bontan remix "What’s On My Mind?"

He is one of my favorite producers. I did a remix for him 2 years ago, so it was great to ask him back. His version is very different than mine and that’s what i needed.

MM: Sometimes really big songs can be a curse because an artist can never shake that sound in the public eye. Has “OKAY” been a blessing, but also a little bit of a curse?

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A song is a curse when it’s not really your sound and it brings you where you didn’t want to be. For Okay, it's 100% a blessing. I can play my sound in clubs and festivals, and the people who know me because of 'Okay' usually like my sets.

MM: Why did you go with Repopulate Mars for this EP?

Lee Foss is a great producer, DJ, and label-head, and I've share stages several times with him. As soon as he launched Repopulate Mars, I wanted to be a part of it. The sound of the label makes a lot of sense with the music I am producing. I am a big fan of all his labels so it's an exciting opportunity to work with his team.

MM: What has been your favorite part of being part of the Dirtybird family?

There are so many things, to be honest. The fans are the best. The music direction is exactly what I love, each DJ/producer is incredible and lovely, the events are amazing. It's a special group to be involved with.

MM: Do you have any plans for longer projects beyond singles and short EPs?

At the moment, I don't know. I have some really exciting EP releases planned over the next couple of months. I am also focused on building my label, Basement Leak. We are actually launching a Mix Series in the next couple of weeks, so that might be a way to put out longer releases.

MM: How has this EP gone off when you play it live?

The fan response has been amazing. These tracks work great in my shows. I have played them at The DoLab Stage, Movement Festival, Dirtybird BBQ Vegas, and they went great. I always feel if I can't play music live then I shouldn't release it!

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