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5 Reasons To Attend The Inaugural Edition Of Karoondinha

Travel through water caves, head out on a wildlife tour, and witness artists like ODESZA and Porter Robinson.
Full Lineup Karoondinha

About a month from now, a new festival by the name of Karoondinha will be taking over the sprawling 1,600+ acre grounds of Penn’s Cave & Wildlife Park in Centre Hall, Pennsylvania. The location has been a popular tourist attraction since 1885 with travelers coming from around the globe to take guided boat tours of the stunning water caves. Now the family who owns the land is striving to bring a fresh touch to the scenic destination. 

While the festival boasts a genre-defying lineup that includes artists like Chance The Rapper, ODESZA, Porter Robinson, and Chromeo, the real story here goes beyond what you see on the flyer.

Staying true to the historic grounds that the festival takes place on, Karoondinha invites guests to experience first hand the same activities that travelers have sought out for generations. If you aren't convinced yet, we have listed 5 reasons why you should definitely be adding Karoondinha to your festival list this summer. 


Alright, we might have said the real story goes beyond the lineup, but damn check out that lineup. Whether you're a fan of electronic, indie, hip-hop, rock, pop, R&B, soul, folk or anything in between, Karoondinha has you covered. Expect an unrelenting supply of live instrumentations, stunning vocal performances, and lots of energy.

Water Caves

If you've ever wanted to take a boat tour through ancient underground water caves in between seeing your favorite artists, then Karoondinha might just be for you. The storied caves are just steps from the main stage, and we've also heard talks of surprise pop-up performances inside the caves for those that purchase VIP. 

Water Cave Karoondinha

All images provided by Karoondinha Music & Arts Festival 

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Wildlife Tours

The more we write about this, the more Karoondinha feels like an episode of The Magic School Bus meets a music festival. We're into it though (and think Ms. Frizzle would be too). Beyond the water caves, guests will also have the chance to go on wildlife tours where they can safely observe mountain lions, bears, bison, wolves and more. The key word here is safely. 

After Hours DJ Sets

Make sure to bring your dancing shoes, because the party at Karoondinha will be going deep into the night. After a full day of music, water caves, and wildlife, the festival will be hosting official After Hours DJ Sets and sunrise hangs on Friday and Saturday to make sure there is never a dull moment.

Karoondinha Farm

Wellness Classes

That's right, Karoondinha has you covered on the wellness front too. Guests can take part in yoga, meditation, and fitness courses, in addition to professional-level dance workshops. We weren't kidding when we told you to bring your dancing shoes. 

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