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Kendrick Lamar Examines The 'Element' Of Violence In New Video

Kung Fu Kenny drops another video from his chart-topping, critically acclaimed new album DAMN.
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Kendrick Lamar has released a new video from his critically acclaimed new album DAMN. Taking the song “Element,” Kung Fu Kenny, examines the violence that is within every person and puts it on display in at times graphic fashion.

The video features scenes with a cast of various characters all somehow related to violence. There are various scenes where Kendrick himself is involved in large brawls or beating down a man on the street. “Element” shows this vicious cycle continuing with a father presumably teaching his child to fight by getting him to hit him, and then that child sees the violence play out later on. Other characters that are impacted by violence such as nuns and those in jail show the consequence of your actions and those who judge you for what you have done.

“Element” was directed by Jonas Lindstroem and the little homies. It is yet another gripping and powerful visual from Lamar. 

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