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Klingande's Tips To A Successful Boat Party

Klingande is here to tell you how to have the best boat party possible

Boat parties have always had a mystical quality to them. Being out on the water hearing some of your favorite music is one of the most attractive ways to consume live music. It can be a challenge though since there is no turning back once out on the water and there is no being fashionably late. Ahead of his own Boat Parties tonight in Boston and then tomorrow in New York, we asked Klingande to give his tips to having the best boat party possible.

1. Bring your friends like Chris Malinchak in NYC or SAINT WKND in Boston.

2. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes…don’t forget a jacket and sunglasses.

3. Get there on time…you don’t want to miss the boat!

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4. Bring good music whether it’s a playlist or your favorite DJ’s

5. Have good visuals and drinks to match.

6. Eat beforehand. You need your energy to keep dancing.

7. Relax & be ready to have fun

Klingande will be performing in Boston on the Playground Boat Cruise tonight with Saint WKND and then tomorrow, July 1 with Chris Malinchak. Pick up your tickets on Klingande’s website.

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