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People of the night! Lovers of the underground! Here is a guest chart from Lights Down Low (Richie Panic & Corey Sizemore):

We have decided to share some prime cuts, some things that go bump in the night, the songs we have been "selecting" for the masses and their asses. Over the past few months getting to play with SMD, Bwana, Anthony Parasole, Silent Servant, Jennifer Cardini and Optimo to name a few we have really had to dig into our record bags and pull out some slabs to compete. These are some tracks we have dredged up from our friends and strange corners of the internet alike to bring some heat to the dancing feet.

It's been a great year for us DJ'ing and throwing weirder parties and truly bringing out acts that we really crave and sharing that with the people who make Lights Down Low truly great. The party people, the late night maniacs, the weekend warriors, and those that put music and dancing at the top of their priority lists. Find us thumping these in our favorite clubs in SF, or building late night debauches in dusty downtown, this is a peek into Richie and Corey's playlists.

Tune in, turn on, and drop out.

Will Martin "Post Truth World" 

Couldn't find the youtube link for K-Talk which is the flip but this little slab of Jack Dept records does nicely as well. Off kilter, strange bangers, for strange times. - RP

Mu "Let's get sick"

I have loved this song for a good 12 years or so. I will play it a bunch and then stop playing it and then a year later it will end up back in my sets. I cannot seem to escape it - CS

Broken English Club "Country Life"

Dark, arpeggiated mayhem; check. Skittering hi-hat; check. Vocals from beyond the forbidden zone; check. - RP

Sharif Laffrey "Always"

Twisted Petshop boys vocals over a jacky house track? YES PLEASE. - CS

Rheinzand "Infiniti" 

Is Baelric sleaze a thing? Is that what this is? Let's put it on at 6AM and find out. - RP

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The KLF "What Time Is Love? (Echo & The Bunnymen Mix)"

The KLF classic flipped into an extended psychedelic trip. This one is good early, late, peak time and come down. - CS

Pris "Reef (Reeko Remix)"

If you're listening, then you're jacking. If you're jacking then you wish you were in a smoky warehouse doing it with 300 of your closest friends. If you're doing that, then everything is alright. - RP

DJ HELL "Car Car Car (Fango needs a new Cars remix)"

I have been a long time fan of international deejay gigolos and dj Hell (the LDL he played in a church is the stuff of legend) but Fango is easily one of my favorite new producers (may see him at a Lights Down Low soon :wink:) of the past few years so this tracks combine two things I love. - CS

Multiple Man "Power Fantasy" 

Basically the sound of the perfect nightclub in my mind. Coming in hot out of Australia they describe themselves as TRACKS OF BURNING CHROME, CROSS-CONTINENTAL HI-NRG, FIRM HANDSHAKE ELECTRONIC BODY MUSIC. Enuf said. - RP

 Richie Panic also has new mixtape recorded live for Infinite Beat on Radio Valencia in SF.

Also, check out their latest Lights Down Low guest mix from our favorite techno maestro Adra!

Upcoming LDL

Friday, June 9th at The Great Northern

Danny Daze, Volvox, Hiroko Yamamura, Richie Panic Molly House Records

Saturday, June 10th Secret Location

Discwoman, Umfang, Volvox, Adra, Victor Rodriguez 

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