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As the month of June hits the halfway mark, you might start feeling some serious FOMO from the rest of your festy family traveling to Electric Daisy Carnival or Electric Forest the next couple of weekends, if you aren't going. When it comes closer to those last couple of days before the festivals, you may become more and more willing to pay outrageous amounts for possibly fake tickets to these high profile festivals. Take a deep breath, because to be honest, it is really not going to be worth the stress on your brain and wallet. This is the year that you need to take off from these high profile festivals and try something new. That something new is Mamby on the Beach.

Mamby on the Beach 2016

Above: Photo of Milky Chance at Mamby on the Beach 2016

One of the reasons this festival will be a must see is its expansion from more than just music. Across the US, we have seen festivals expanding their reach from more than just stacked line-ups to incorporating the culture of the area, including art, health and wellness workshops, fashion, and of course food. React Presents has shown this same expansion in many of their other festivals such as Summer Set and Spring Awakening. This allows you to fully immerse yourself. In an effort to push the limit of a music festival React Presents Mamby on the Beach introduced "More than Music" series.

This is the year you need to take off from festivals that everyone attends. You went to those last year, anyway. This festival season is all about exploring new and different things that you didn't before. Mamby on the Beach is going to be that festival for you. Mamby is an explosion of art, food, music, and cultural experiences. By the end of June, you won't feel as though you have missed out on anything, but have gained much more. We, at Magnetic Mag, want to show you why you need to head to this festival.

The Cost

I do not even want to go there with high profile festivals. You can end up spending thousands on one festival. With Mamby on the Beach, you do not have to do that. Depending on what type of wristband you choose to buy, you are still paying much less money on the tickets for this festival. This allows you to spend your money on the most important thing...the food, which never fails to be the best local Chicago vendors. You are able to truly customize your experience from choosing from general admission, VIP, and Cabanas for one day or two days all averaging under two hundred dollars, which is the lowest range for the festivals competing at this time. With the festival so close you are still able to find the exact ticket you want -- something you can't get with a lot of the other high-profile festivals. 

The Food

At the mere mention of the food, our mouths are already watering. React Presents' team must be full of foodies, because every event that is hosted by React has the perfect local food that any festival-goer is craving. Anything from gourmet grilled cheese to beautiful Italian beef is on the menu. You do not even need to worry about your dietary needs because every vendor is helpful and gracious to your needs. We are most excited for the food trucks to fill our Instagram's and bellies. Take breaks from dancing to hit up the amazing local food.

Get Pampered

One of the main components for music festivals is being able to show off a side of your personality that you would not normally get to do through clothing, make-up, and hair. This year, you will not need to worry about that part, Mamby has got you covered (or pampered). Mamby has created space for a braid bar, henna tattoos, Red7 Salon, and Body Art Dome to get you ready for the festival. Maybe you got a little crazy in the sand and need a touch up, Mamby has got your back. There will be no worries or hassle to get the perfect beach look. All you need to do is show up and Mamby on the Beach has your back.

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Health and Wellness Workshops

As part of Mamby on the Beach "More Than Music" series, React Presents has incorporated health and wellness workshops that are free to all Mamby on the Beach attendees, including yoga sessions. Returning this year is one of Burning Man's and Mamby's favorites, the Solarbeatz Art Car. This solar-powered car will be the host of all the wellness workshops along with silent disco yoga for all levels. Some of the workshops that the Solarbeatz Art Car will host include Sexuality and Relationships, Diet and Nutrition, Sanitizing Smarter, and many more from experts in the area. Not only will these workshops change your mind and body, it will help clean the environment.

Louder than a Bomb

This year Mamby has partnered with Young Chicago Authors in order to bring you live poetry readings and open mic performances from young Chicago writers. On Sunday, June 25th Mamby attendees will get to experience Louder than a Bomb which is a tournament-style poetry show. The young writers will start at 2pm with an open mic starting at 4pm. The event will be headlined The Bomb Squad. This will be highly anticipated event to see Chicago youth's hard work and the new generation of artists.

The Games

Nothing is like going to a beach and playing all the beach games you can. Mamby would not be the same if it did not have its beach games ready. Not only can you dance around the warm beach listening to music, but you and your festy fam can go head to head in beach volleyball while listening to your favorite artist. You'll also want to set your alarm for 5:15pm to get ready by the Beach Stage for the daily Beach Battle Royale Water Fight. This will be the perfect way to cool down by the end of a hot day at the beach.

The Beach

This is a little self-explanatory. What more could you want from a festival? Mamby on the Beach is the only festival in Chicago that is right on the beachfront. The perfect day is laying in the warm sand with your friends listening to your favorite music. Mamby on the Beach has offered VIP wristbands that allow you go right out on to the water or you can go even farther and reserve a cabana on the beach for you and your festival family. You can chill in the cabana and watch the waves of Lake Michigan. What more could I add to an already perfect situation, a festival on the beach.

Mamby on the Beach is known its indie electric line-up. This year will be no different from acts such as Walk the Moon to house Chicago native Green Velvet. This line-up has something for everyone. Green Velvet will be a massively anticipated set since he is celebrating the 25th anniversary of Relief Records and the premiere of his new documentary about his career and growth in Chicago. Mamby on the Beach allows us to see big artists in the scene and newer up and coming artists all in the same day. One up and coming artist that you need to look out for at Mamby on the Beach is Plaid Hawaii. His tropical house set will transport your mind to tropical vibes perfect for a beach set. 

Above: Official Line-up of Mamby on the Beach 2017

Above: Official Line-up of Mamby on the Beach 2017

React Presents has shown that they can push their boundaries from more than just a music festival. If you are looking for more than just a music festival this will be the perfect festival to end out June. Don't worry about missing out by not going to those high profile festivals. You will not be sorry by going to Mamby on the Beach. 

What are you most excited for at Mamby on the Beach? Leave a comment below. 

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