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Meet Unbound, The New Line Of Travel Clothing That Can Go Weeks Without A Wash

Pay attention DJs; this new line might completely change your life
Dima Zelikman, Dan Demsky and Andrew Criboni - Unbound Founders

Dima Zelikman, Dan Demsky and Andrew Criboni - Unbound Founders

It's festival season, and that means we are all traveling across the planet either doing tourist stuff, visiting long lost friends or stage diving somewhere. What if I told you that you could roll out for two weeks with just a backpack? 

We all dream of traveling super light, no luggage to get lost or to slow our roll as we jet to our exotic destinations. The guys at Unbound had that dream too, but they did something about it. They created a line of Merino Wool clothing that can withstand heavy travel, sweating and wear and not smell at the end of the day. It sounds a little too good to be true but their fans are standing by them, and one of the founders wore a tee for three months without a wash. So we are very optimistic! 

We got our hands on a one pack of product (Tee/Underwear/Socks) and will be putting it to the test next week, so check back for a review. In the mean time we threw a couple of questions at cofounder Dan Demsky to get some more info on this fantastic new travel hack. 

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 10.40.46 AM

So this is a pretty crazy concept, packing a couple of shirts, socks, and boxers to last you for an entire trip. Let us know how Unbound works and why it doesn’t wreak after heavy wear?

DD: Merino Wool is a miracle fabric. It's naturally odor resistant and anti-bacterial. This is because of a natural coating on the wool itself called lanolin. Because of the lanolin, the fabric won't absorb moisture when you sweat. Instead, it wicks it away, so it evaporates. When your clothing ends up smelling, it's because the moisture absorbs and bacteria forms in that moisture. It's the bacteria that causes the smell. When moisture can't absorb, bacteria won't grow... And your clothing will remain odor free! 

How long have you gone with one shirt before you said ok, this shit stinks now?

DD: I've gone three months, and it didn't stink. I washed it because I dropped an oily noodle on it. 

Obviously, this is ideal for adventurous travelers but have you ever considered marketing to DJs? These cats love to travel light, wear all black and are already probably wearing some of the same clothing over and over. This concept is a game changer. 

DD: Sort of, indirectly. We market it towards people who want to travel light without specifically focusing on a certain group or profession. If a person travels, they can see how Unbound Merino can make their life simpler and easier themselves, regardless of where they're going and the type of trip they're embarking on. We've had athletes, DJ's, entrepreneurs, silicon valley web developers, orchestra musicians, doctors and so many others order from us. A lot of people are making an effort to live more simply, and we tend to fit right in. 

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Is this an all natural fiber or is there some level of tech built in? How do the shirts stand up to repeated washing? How long will one last with heavy wear? 

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DD: 100% natural merino wool. While it's a delicate material, we have tested some shirts with heavy use for over a year now, and they're in excellent condition still. Washing doesn't wear the shirts down much, but the beauty is they don't need to be washed often, so they stay 'like new' for much longer than shirts that have to be washed with each wear. 

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We’ve heard you are a festival / electronic music fan? Give us the download. If you like "big room" anything, let’s skip to the next question.  

DD: I'm not heavily involved in the house music scene, and don't even know what you mean when you say 'big room.' Does that mean like Deadmau5 and Swedish House Mafia? Because I like smaller rooms than that ha ha! 

Having said that, I love the music and have seen and listened to a ton over the years. It has been a big part of my life and travels. I've been into house and techno since I first saw Carl Cox and John Digweed in 2002. They were playing a festival in Toronto opening for David Bowie. Since then I've seen hundreds of DJ's all over the world in amazing clubs and festivals. Seriously too many to count, but here are some highlights from over the years:

The first BPM Festival in Playa Del Carmen in 2008 (It was pretty under the radar and so easy and low key back then. I hear it's grown tremendously since then)

All night at Watergate in Berlin (no idea who was spinning but it was madness, I've tried figuring it out but can't find who was there that night many years ago)

Sasha late night at Bonnaroo 2006 (This is where I first discovered just how mind melting a DJ set could be. The audience was LOCKED, and it wasn't until the sun came up that anyone realized how much time elapsed)

Mark Farina Mushroom Jazz Day set and Danny Tenaglia all night boat party at Movement Electronic Music Fest in Detroit in 2012 (Best electronic music festival on the planet)

Surgeon and Moodymann at Dimensions Festival in Pula, Croatia (on my honeymoon trip and followed by George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic. Amazing!) 

Favorite club I've been to is Output in Brooklyn, Runners up: Stereo Montreal, Watergate Berlin and maybe Fabric London.

Favorite band that isn't electronic: Phish (electronic music fans should all see Phish. While it sounds nothing like house, techno, etc. The experience would be deeply appreciated)

How did this company come about? Any plans to expand the line into sweats, pants, or outerwear? 

DD: We created Unbound because we wanted it for ourselves. We discovered merino wool but couldn't find simple, stylish basic clothing made from high-quality merino wool. It all looked like athletic wear. We launched a crowdfunding campaign to see if there was a market for it, but really just wanted to make our own clothing for us and had no idea it would resonate with so many people. Since launching around a year ago, we've sold in over 90 countries and continue to grow rapidly. We have plans to expand the product line for men and to release a full woman's line as well.

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