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ODESZA Hits Southern California For Two Shows at Staples Center and Santa Barbara Bowl

The brilliant ODESZA brings their live show to So Cal on 10/20 and 10/24
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Yes! ODESZA is headed to Southern California for two massive shows, Staples Center in Los Angeles on 10/20 and the Santa Barbara Bowl on 10/24. If you haven't gotten the chance to see these guys live then you have been missing out as they are one of the best live acts in the genre. From the mesmerizing visuals to the actual live performance and live musicians, these guys get it right on every level. 

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Friday 10/20 Staples Center 

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Tuesday 10/24 Santa Barbara Bowl 



In 2012, a striking new voice emerged from the wider surge of electronic music in the U.S. ODESZA’s Summer’s Gone stood out from the crowd; it was a collection of songs, not just beats; and its irresistible, startling dreaminess, addictive drums and fathoms-deep bass set it apart from the by-the-numbers brutality of EDM’s also-rans. In an age of manufactured internet buzz and carefully plotted hype, ODESZA’s story was refreshingly authentic: A brilliant new duo unveiled their music on the internet, and the world paid attention.

Released September 9th 2014, In Return has more than just delivered on the promise of ODESZA’s previous work. A record with a precocious maturity and coherence, it’s a start-to-finish stunner of pop-infused, electronic wonder, littered with infectious hooks and potent atmosphere. Vocal performances from Zyra, Py and Shy Girls accompany that of Madelyn Grant on “Sun Models,” expertly worked into ODESZA’s trademark, mood-altering uplift.

ODESZA developed a new live performance to accompany In Return, ensuring that the shows do full justice to the album. Their work ethic and constant evolution has resulted in sold out headline tours of North America, Europe and Australia, in the biggest venues they’ve headlined to date. Never ones to settle, ODESZA’s ambitious live production continues to expand, with ground-breaking visuals and live instrumentation.

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