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Playlist: Prepare for Liftoff– Bass Coast 2017 is Almost Here!

We have a playlist from festival co-founder The Librarian to get you ready

Festival season is already in full swing here in southern California, and we are counting the days until we blast-off to Vancouver, BC for our favorite bass music getaway -- Bass Coast. This year’s theme is “Space,” and we are prepared to travel through the sonic universe and back again, lead by some of the most progressive producers and DJs in the world. What sets Bass Coast festival apart is its flawless combination of art, community, natural beauty, and quality music. While many festivals emphasize large-scale, flashy production, the Bass Coast crew understands that the most important factor really is the music.

The Librarian, one of the co-founders of Bass Coast, works to keep this festival vision alive year over year. With the recent boom in music festivals internationally, it’s easy to get swept up in the hype and “sell out” by compromising quality talent. The Librarian isn’t about to let that happen. In fact– she curated her very own Bass Coast festival playlist on Spotify exclusively for Magnetic Magazine. The playlist includes artists like Moresounds, Alix Perez, Vancouver locals Greazus, B. Traits, and names from the Critical Music camp like Sam Binga and Ivy Lab. 

Check out The Librarian’s Bass Coast Playlist for Magnetic Magazine on Spotify.

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Getting booked to play Bass Coast festival is no easy task. The festival’s talent bookers and coordinators take the utmost care in crafting the musical experience of the weekend. Even the top booty-bass DJs on the lineup mix with technical precision that only comes from years of experience. Bass Coast also prides itself in featuring up-and-coming artists that push the more progressive and experimental side of bass-music. Whether you’re looking to get schooled by some complex, forward-thinking beats, or just looking to get down and dirty to some ratchet bass, there is something for everyone across the stages of Bass Coast.

Rest assured, space toast-ers know not to take themselves too seriously. With so much talent in one space, you’d think it might turn into an ego-centric “who’s-who.” What keeps Bass Coast humble is its sense of humor. The group of people that attends this festival is easily one of the most inviting communities we have been a part of. From the stunning performance artists, to ridiculous (yet fabulous) outfits, to the effortless daytime-vibes chilling by the river– every aspect of Bass Coast is created to put a smile on your face. Not to mention the production team has the details down to a T. The festival is clean, easy to navigate, and effortless to enter and exit. It’s obvious that they take the extra time to listen to the suggestions from their attendees so they can create a better experience every year. 

Bass Coast is nestled in the scenic valley of Merritt, British Colombia, which is just under three hours from Vancouver. The luscious trees, grassy fields, and river running through the property create a stunning environment for the festival. Even though tickets are officially sold out for Bass Coast 2017, you should definitely keep them on your radar for years to come. The Bass Coast crew will also be bringing their flawless vibe state-side to the Oregon Eclipse Gathering on August 17- 23! Stay tuned for our exclusive post-festival review of Bass Coast 2017. 

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