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Premiere + Interview: AFFKT and Bufi strikes again on Sincopat

AFFKT and Bufi interview each other as their "Modus Operandi" song is being released on Sincopat with an exclusive premiere on Magnetic Magazine.


AFFKT is the mastermind behind Sincopat records. The Spanish label has been very consistent over the years and Marc Martinez Nadal, aka AFFKT, is showing strength close to his tennis countryman. With releases on Suara, Kling Klong, and Noir Music, AFFKT is affirming his presence in the dance music scene around the world. 

We chose to premiere his latest production “Socarrat” which features a remix by Bufi, a Mexican producer and DJ on the rise. Both of them interviewing each other talked about various topics such as the scene in Mexico, home studio gear and their love for music.


AFFKT: Where does the name of Bufi come from and how does it differ from your other alter egos?

BUFI: The “Bufi” name is very simple, it is my second last name, which we use in Mexico -I think in Spain as well. The origin of the name is not very clear, but it might be from Albania because there’s a bunch of “Bufis” over there. It also means “Owl" in Albanian and “Air Blow” in Catalan.

The second part of the question is something I’m not quite sure. Sometimes I feel Bufi is just happier than These Mago (my other project), but sometimes it is more complicated than that. As you see, I’m still working on that!

AFFKT: What is the main story behind your LP - Revelación?

BUFI: It is a story about changes in life. At some point, I really disliked my first album and I wanted to do something different. It was difficult because I was constantly struggling against myself, trying to fight what I did in the past, but without killing the sound that I already had built. By the end of the recording process I had this sort of “revelation” where I could embrace and enjoy my first album again, due to a series of things that happened in my life. So that’s where the name came from.

AFFKT: How is going the music scene in Mexico in general and in your local city?
BUFI: Honestly, I’m not a huge expert. I’ve been going out less and less in the last couple of years, focusing more on productions. It’s getting bigger, and there are a few incredible producers, but I also feel there are huge holes we need to fill.

AFFKT: What is your most important hardware, instrument or piece in the recording-studio?
BUFI: It’s the Moog Mother 32. That sound kills it.

AFFKT: What are your next projects?

BUFI: I want to release my third album next year, in 2018. Before that there’s a couple of EPs coming out this year, including a second volume of remixes for Revelación.



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BUFI asking  AFFKT

BUFI: What does AFFKT means?

AFFKT: When people ask me about the meaning I always say that with my Alter ego I wanted to make music without borders or ‘clichés’. But at the same time and some years since the beginning of the project I just prefer to be open minded and leave some freedom to the meaning. I always like to ask “what does it mean for you?” instead of being the one who has to explain. AFFKT is the imaginary world I create with my music, the feelings of the people who listen and enjoy my work.

BUFI Your last album 'Son Of A Thousand Sounds' talks about you wide music influences?

AFFKT: Yes, with my second album I made a cocktail with all my influences. It was important for me to explain that I need to go in many different directions with my music but always in a coherent and honest way!

BUFI: Tell us about your hometown Valencia and the music scene!

AFFKT: Valencia is a land of music, since childhood it is really common that many kids start playing in a band or join any music school, so I guess this has reflected in our society. Nowadays we have some good clubs doing events with great artists, we’re not big like Madrid or Barcelona but still really interesting.

BUFI: Tell us about the Spanish scene!

AFFKT: It is hard for me to talk about the whole Spanish scene, there are many things happening right now, we have a rich community of producers from Techno to Breaks or other styles. Years ago I didn’t think it was easy to be a Spanish artist and being respected but thanks to artist who reached a high prestige now they do not look at us over their shoulder.

BUFI: How you do you produce? Do you have a certain habit to work, how long you produce? You like to produce with other people? Where do you find inspiration?

AFFKT: I normally plan my time in the studio since last year I also have to manage Pobla and Sincopat plus touring, but I prefer it because when I go in the studio I am like a bull going into the ring :-D Yes I have a habit to work like having a notebook where I write all my ideas about a certain tracks, things I have to do or try to add feelings, etc. I also need to disconnect a bit from outside and leave my mind to get into the flow. I love to produce with other people, it is always fun and the best way to continue learning. I find inspiration on everything from traveling to a book or a good wine.

AFFKT will team up with "The Cat" Coyu at Privilege Ibiza on June 11th 

Suara Privilege

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