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Rrotik is the latest export from Brazil's vibrant and storied dance music scene. It almost seems like fate that this rising star ended up as a producer, his family was instrumental in pushing the sound system movement in his native country. The raging outdoor street parties, usually held in the favelas of the country's larger cities, are Brazils answer to the American rave movement. And as a youngster, they helped shape Rrotik's dynamic taste in music.

He began forming an advanced palate at a young age as evidenced in his favorite childhood record. Rrotik tells us about this formative experience, "My favorite record from childhood was a compilation from an old label, Toco International called Dj Sound Clubtracks 2 and it included Jaydee, The Shamen, Reese Project (Kevin Saunderson), 2 Unlimited etc. My father is a sound enthusiast and we had quite the sound system at home as well."

With his latest he takes on Torro Torro and Smalltown DJ's "House Shake." His floor shaking broken beat opens up with a floor shaking breakbeat. When the beat drops things get serious. The minimal sub shaking beats open up into a booty shaking house affair with notes of booty tech and low-end dirt.

We had a chat with Rrotik about what inspired him to take on this tune, his upbringing in Brazil and his favorite beer.

Your family has a long history in dance music. Can you talk about your family history with sound systems?

I got a set of uncles who used to own quite the big speakers and they used to throw big bashes in my grandma's neighborhood in the 90's and early 2000's

Are they still partying it up?

Not so often anymore! Now it's more like once a year. (Although we'll have my cousin's debut (quinceañera) party and it'll be huge but I won't be here because of Shambhala festival in Canada,)

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How do you think being exposed to that culture so early on affected you and your future aspirations?

Definitely, I always had a thing for loud sound! I I remember when I was around 6 years old my dad always told me off because I was crankin' up the volume of his headphones. Miraculously I still have a hearing.

You developed a great palate for good music at an early age, why do think that is?

Family influence for sure. They are music enthusiasts, some of them musicians and since the early days, I was exposed to disco, pop, and rock.

Tell us about your college degree and how it plays into your role as a musician?

I carry a bachelor's in social communication which is usually for people who work at publicity agencies, art directors etc. I was very drawn to the theoretical part of it, If I would have chosen to remain in the field It would definitely be academic. Semiotics of Bhaktin and linguistic subjects as intertextuality probably play one of the biggest roles in music but I guess not so many musicians know it.

What's your favorite Brazilian beer?

Melon Collie IPA of Capapreta brewery from my town of Nova Lima but it's definitely about to change. Craft beer is a thriving business here and every day there's a new brewery killing it.

Talk to us a little about the release.

The invitation to remix "House Shake" happened during my last trip to Los Angeles. My good friend Sam told me he was going to manage Brillz' new music imprint homonymous to his clothing brand "TWONK" and he was showing me the upcoming stuff. I was instantly hooked up by the whispering vocals when he played House Shake by Torro Torro which are around for quite a while and have been putting out bangers since forever. So Sam said "u down for remixing?" and I said "f*** yeah."

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