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Premiere: Cerrone - "Kiss It Better (Feat Yasmin)" [The Juan MacLean Remix]

Get your disco on for this one as two legends collide.

Juan Maclean has been my go-to artist for all of my disco-infused dance music needs for a solid few years now. Most commonly known for his work at DFA Records and LCD Soundsystem, Maclean's personal style is deeply rooted in disco, funk, and rock, with a dash of clever lyricism. His latest remix of Cerrone, which we're excited to present today, holds no shortage of Maclean's signature style, and the resulting product revives new life into Cerrone's original, while still proving why both Cerrone and Maclean are still at the height of their production game. 

On the remix, Juan Maclean noted: 

"It was a huge honor to be asked to remix Cerrone. His music has been an enormously influence for me over the years, so I was excited to get the chance to remix something new. With ‘Kiss It Better’ I decided to make a House-ier version, something that would fit in with one of my dj sets while keeping the original vocal intact. I ended up using the melodic elements from the original and doing some new drum programming to make things heavier and swingier."

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Cerrone is the legendary multi-grammy award winning disco artist, who's been making music professionally since the 70's. The French artist has been sampled by everyone from the Beastie Boys to Nas to Mark Morrison and has sold over 30 million albums throughout his career.

Check out the remixed track below! 

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