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Premiere: Deech - Get Down [Hot Mom USA]

Warning: Song may have you craving Pina Coladas, the hot sun, and ghost riding the yacht.

Hot Mom USA has long been a label with an incredible number of undeniably catchy hits under their belt and chances are, if you've been out and about and found a great dancefloor, at least one of their songs was played at some point during the night. They're looking to the summer ahead, which surprisingly isn't technically here yet, and landed on releasing Deech's Get Down EP as their new big release. Today we've got a new track off the project, and we can't wait to blast this one out at the nearest pool/beach party ASAP. 

"Get Down" blends lush sounds with pop, hip hop, R&B, dance, and a dash of summer air to bring together something truly unique in its execution. If you're looking for a sleeper hit to play at your next party, DJ set, or even just in your car, this is it. 

Pre-order the track, along with the rest of the EP, here via iTunes. The EP is out June 9. 

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