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Premiere: DiRTY RADiO Throw A Vegas Party In 'Champagne Bubbles' Music Video

DiRTY RADiO take on Vegas in their new video
DiRTY RADiO Press Photo

Canadian trio hip-pop DiRTY RADiO has released the music video for their song “Champagne Bubbles.” The video captures all the absurdity that comes with a title of “Champagne Bubbles” and a group posing for the above picture.

They head to Vegas and surrounding desert to shoot the Video with the featured artist 528. They do some the cliché stuff you expect when going to Vegas like driving around the strip and going to casinos, but then also bring the party to barbershops and people’s homes. After driving around with literal bubbles in their car, pray for that vehicle’s upholstery.

“’Champagne Bubbles’ was written and produced in Las Vegas with our talented friend 528. It only made sense to shoot the video against the same backdrop, and gave us an excuse to fill a convertible with soapy bubble suds and drive around the desert,” says the trio. “We had a blast meeting the Vegas locals, and were surprised by how many wanted to be in the video with us once we played them the song on our iPhone. This was the most fun music video experience we’ve ever had. It was shot and chopped by the talented Emma Higgins.”

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Watch the video below and go stream it on Spotify as well. 

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