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Magnetic readers, we've got a special premiere for you! It's a beguiling track that establishes a mood where it's one part cinematic, another part atmospheric. Bring it all together and it all adds up to "Glänta" - a collaboration between Jonas Rathsman and newcomer Axelles.

To kick off the unveiling of Jonas' second release 'X Series: Vol 1' on new label ELEMENTS, Mr. Rathsman blessed us with this moody track "Glänta" where he and Axelles set up an alluring scene. It has a life to it, so fresh and vivid that I can envision its vibrations billowing out of a venue's speakers and lingering in the air like a thick sonic fog. This track will strike a mood, embolden a tone. This is the type of track that can jumpstart a party or bring a massive set to a poetically just and appropriate close. 

Now, a little about the ELEMENTS' X Series. With these releases, Jonas brings together burgeoning talents like Joesph Ashworth and Axelles for collaborations between himself and the artist. All of it has its roots founded in Rathsman's bi-monthly ELEMENTS mix series which is definitively top-notch and must listen on a regular basis.

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