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Russian band Pompeya may not be a staple on the global music scene, but they have the sound that could be touring it soon. Their summery brand of rock and disco is in vogue right now (see The Killers, Phoenix and more) and they are only getting better with each release. Their latest sees them work with one of the funk masters himself, Fred Falke, to produce a masterful combination of funk, rock and indie titled “Domino.”

“Domino” has all the ingredients to be your next big summer track – a great, catchy vocal, steady groove, searing guitar and flawless production from Fred Falke.

We had a chance to chat with Pompeya about how they linked up Fred Falke, what makes this music different and what is coming up in the future.

Stream the new single ahead of their upcoming EP out July 14th.

MM: How did you guys link up with Fred Falke?

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Back in 2013 - Fred did a great remix for one of our songs -"90". This song is a hit among our fans on the gigs. His remix got the big attention all over the blogs, nightclubs and reached a high position on HypeM. So we have planned to work with him since that. Once we had a chance to jam together in the room, we did it.

MM: What can we expect from the EP?

"Domino" - the song was written together with Fred from that jam. Second track "Somebody Else" was a demo long ago, which we never finished until now. Both songs were recorded at Clear Lake Studios in Burbank and produced by Fred. The other two songs are just reworked bonus tracks of our old singles. We recorded them ourselves in a private home studio of our friends in downtown LA.

MM: How is “Domino” and this EP different from your music in the past?

Another level of music production is the reason why we decided to try it with "The Producer". This is not a typical sound for us and it was interesting to see where it can bring the band creative-wise and how our music will fit with that Frenchy / house touch. We joked that in this song, “Domino,” we're mixing "Blondie with Calvin Harris". Also we wanted to make these two pop songs as simple as possible. For "Somebody Else" we were influenced by a little bit of Paul Simon feel (you can hear it in coda) and ToTo in the bridge. Recently these new tunes got good response from crowd during live performances, even from people who never heard them before.

MM: What else do you have coming up?

We just finished vocals for the next full length, self-produced LP that is going to be out soon after the EP. Tune in! 

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