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Premiere: Pablo Nouvelle Delivers Chilled Out Remix Of Be The Bear 'Erupt'

Pablo Nouvelle adds extra emotion to this sublime remix
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Swiss outfit, Pablo Nouvelle have found a niche with a chilled, electronic, pop sound that draws influences from indie and r&b. They are bringing that sound to a brand new remix for Swedish singer, songwriter, producer, label owner Christina Wehage, better known as, Be The Bear’s new song “Erupt.”

The song is as smooth as a track that you will hear all day. Be The Bear’s ethereal vocals harmonize perfectly with Pablo Nouvelle’s and mixed with the soft synth stabs and steady percussion, this is a winning combination for a remix.

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The pairing of these two seems like an obvious one after hearing the remix and Be The Bear know it from the start.

"Pablo Nouvelle was my first pick for remixing 'Erupt', and he completely blew my mind with it. It's not the easiest song to remix,” remarks Be The Bear. “He kept the vocals and the heart of the song, and then took a deep dive to dark cool depths I never could have imagined. I just can't stop dancing. I think it shows exactly what a highly intelligent and deeply artistic talent Pablo Nouvelle is."

The remix will be released tomorrow, June 30 via Be The Bear’s Loud Attic Records. 

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