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Prominent Detroit DJs Meet With Mayor To Support Nightlife In City

Omar-S, Underground Resistance and Theo Parrish among those who met with the mayor

Nightlife has taken a hit in many major markets across the United States, there appears to have somewhat of resurgence in terms of lip service from politicians in the past year recognizing just how important it is to the cultural vibrancy of a community. In Detroit, last week, the mayor met with prominent DJs from the city including Omar-S, Theo Parrish and members of the Underground Resistance collective at techno museum.

The message was simple – how can the city better support techno, which was started in Detroit, but seems to thrive more in cities like Berlin.

"Around the world, when you ask people about Detroit ... what they say is cars and music," said Cornelius Harris of UR via the Detroit Metro Times. "Electronic music is a $6.5 billion industry globally. It was created here. The question is, of course, how much of that money makes its way back into the city? And the answer is very little."

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The DJs want a friendly environment from the city and its police force when it comes to throwing parties, potentially allowing them to stay open later. Compared to Berlin, which has hundreds of all-night clubs, Detroit is very far behind. The mayor seemed receptive to the idea, but warned that the needs of neighbors and non-clubbers need to be kept in mind.

Right now, some bars are open until 4 a.m., but the citywide law ends serving alcohol at 2 a.m., thus most close at 2.

They also discussed street racing at the meeting, potentially trying to move races to a sanctioned location at the City Airport, which hasn’t had commercial flights in over a decade and is losing money.

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