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Shimon the Robot Composes and Plays its own Beats

Will Shimon the Robot be the next festival headliner?

Georgia Institute of Technology has created a Robot they call Shimon who can write and play musical compositions using Artificial Intelligence and a process called deep neural learning. With four arms and eight sticks, Shimon was taught by over 5,000 artists ranging from Miles Davis to Beethoven and even the Beatles. 

Ph.D. student Mason Bretan and director of Georgia Tech’s Center for Music Technology, Gil Weinberg, are the brains behind the machine who have worked with the robot for over seven years. Shimon uses its many layers of riffs and phrases of music to create its own concepts to compose its own musical work on the marimba. 

One of the perks of having a robot so advanced is that you are able to feed it a sequence of notes and it will spit out ideas that flow with the concept you fed it. Could this be the future of songwriting for dance music and music in general? Shimon is already performing with humans and will perform tonight at the Aspen Idea Festival. Imagine listening to the electronic trio, Autograf, with Shimon as their fourth member. Take a look at Shimon playing its original track below. 

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