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New Music:  Soul Bandit - 3-4-9

Soul Bandit -"The Queen of Ghoul Pop" returns with 3-4-9
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We’ve been closely following emerging artist Soul Bandit since her first-ever release on Soundcloud earlier this summer.

The experimental producer / singer (who has still revealed little about her identity) has been staggering the release of what is now looking something like an EP, with each of the tracks being individually released but ultimately contributing to an overarching cohesive vibe. Soul Bandit’s latest release, dubbed 3-4-9, takes a slightly different turn than her previous two tracks. While still maintaining a darker, mystical vibe, 3-4-9 is much more upbeat, bouncier, and finds its power in the tune’s infectious bass line.

Featuring Soul Bandit vocals speaking in Russian, 3-4-9 goes deep and is definitely fit for the dance floor. Although this track has more of a party vibe to it than the other tracks, it still stays true to the cohesive sound that Soul Bandit is developing, especially with its distortions and overlaid samples drawn from a variety of sources.

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Whether this is the 3rd and final track of the “EP” or there is still more of the collection to come, we are unsure, but what we do know is that this one would sound real groovy with a live sound system and get the dance floor going. (When's the live show coming Soul bandit?)

Oh yeah, and did we mention that we are also really loving her eerie album art? So creepy and weird in the best way possible. Keep your eyes and ears open for more from this goddess who is definitely stealing our souls with each new release.

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