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In a blink of an eye, Stories have taken over the marketing landscape

From Snapchat, Instagram, Skype, and now Facebook itself, Stories are embedded into every social app on the market. It’s popularity signifies a change in consumer behavior: people want a way to connect and build trust with each other on a personal, face to face level. The same applies to brands with a story, as those who are more transparent, communicative and appear the most humans online are the ones more likely to build trust with their customers. As such, communicating the “brand story,” the core beliefs and foundation the brand is built on, is more important than ever.

Unfortunately, with so many different platforms, managing Stories can be an arduous task. For starters, there’s no efficient way to upload or cross post to multiple stories. In addition, there’s no way to schedule Stories either. Both these limitations mean that unless you’ve got the time and resources, you are forced to using one Stories app and risk losing customers who are on other platforms .

Enter Storyheap.

Storyheap's main dashboard

Storyheap's main dashboard

Designed by Sebastian Dobrincu, Storyheap is CMS platform that allows you to manage your Snapchat and Instagram, stories in one centralized hub without the need to kill time. The idea came to him one day as he was Snapchatting in New York, overcome by the same problem of having to crosspost on multiple Stories as mentioned earlier. A seasoned product maker, Sebastian worked on coding a program that could synchronize both stories, resulting in this product.

To learn more about how Storyheap ticks, we sat down with the maker himself:

1) With the limited API of both Snapchat and Instagram platforms, how are you able to allow Storyheap to upload, schedule, and analyze stories?

Sebastian: Most schedulers rely on private API, which is why most of the scheduling platforms, like Instagress, are going down. At Storyheap we build our own architecture that doesn’t use their official API that interacts with their platform. Storyheap's goal is to fill the gap of Stories in the last year, so we made sure we got it right before we launched. For example, we got in touch with Snapchat and let them know that we are building this product without using the API. Ultimately we hope to give content creators, brands, and agencies the right tools to successfully market their business, track their performance, and engage with the audience

2) What was the first feature you worked when you designed Storyheap?

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SD: First thing we worked on was Autopilot, our most requested feature. It magically syncs your Instagram Stories to your Snapchat and vice versa, depending on your configuration. This is done by scraping the content from your Story as choice, which is then downloaded and uploaded automatically to the other platform. Currently we have scraping set at 15 minutes during our initial launch period, and we are working to reduce to almost instantaneous cross posting in the near future.


3) What other features does Storyheap contain?

SD: One of the premium features we offer is full fledged analytics. In fact, we're one of the only ones in the market to provide it for Snapchat, providing you with necessary metrics such as views, screenshots, completion rate, and amount of followers. In the near future we are working to provide competitor analysis and giving you statistics on when is the best time to post a story to get the maximum reach of your audience.

Another one of our premium features is uploading and scheduling your Stories as well. In the future we will be looking into creating a feature that allows you you to auto-schedule your content at times that you audience is on the most, similar to Hootsuite or Socialflow.

4) What is the pricing structure?

SD: Right now we are starting from $49 per month per profile connected. We also work with agencies and marketers to provide custom plans, and any profile we connect has access to our publishing and analytics tools

5) Finally, any plans for Facebook Stories?

SD: We are currently looking into that platform, and in fact, we want to turn Storyheap into a platform where you can manage Facebook, Messenger, and even WhatsApp Stories too!

During my initial runs of this platform, there’s no denying that the product indeed delivers on it’s promise and seamlessly crossposts Stories on respective platforms within minutes. If you're on the road or are looking to target your audiences on both Snapchat and Instagram, consider this as a solution.

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