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On June 24th London outfit Drum and Bass HQ will attempt to break the world record for longest DJ relay in history. We didn't even know that a record was in place for an insanely long b2b set however, a group of 133 DJs in Singapore currently hold the distinctive title. What makes this attempt even more special is that it is strictly D&B. 

The website opened up the decks to anyone who has the ability to seamlessly mix to records together, and over 200 DJs answered the call. The rules are pretty simple: the set must be continuously mixed, each DJ gets one tune, and no one can play twice. They have 5 hours to beat the current world record. If you're in London and want to sign to take part in this historic event click here, and chose your tune wisely because you only get one chance to drop the bass. Check the official Facebook event for more info.

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