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[Toronto] Electric Island #1 Was A Walk In The Park

Sunshine, fireworks, and solid sets aplenty from Eats Everything, Joris Voorn, Red Axes, and Ben Klock
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The first Electric Island of 2017 graced the fields of Woodbine Park in Toronto, Ontario with the feet of thousands of eager music lovers over this past Victoria Day weekend (that's a long weekend holiday for us up here in Canada).


Compared to the original island venue-which was kaiboshed due to heavy rainfall in weeks prior- the park was a change of pace. Walking straight up to the gates with no ferry journey in between dissolved a little of the camaraderie and mystique of an island party, but you do get home quicker once you’re ready to leave.


The sun kept warmed the in the afternoon, but those without layers must have regretted it as intermittent cloud cover, coupled with cool temperatures, descended into a decidedly cold evening. The cool air was the perfect temperature to dance in.


Thousands moved to the immersive sound, impressive for the size of the grounds, as we enjoyed the soundscapes of globally-renowned DJs, with headliners Bedouin, Eats Everything, Joris Voorn, and Ben Klock. 


In a new tradition, started at the end of last year’s round, a second stage boasted equally impressive not-to-be-missed acts with a psychedelic twist; we’re talking Rebolledo, Red Axes, and Leon Vynehall.

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Eats Everything got the crowd into a good mood mid-afternoon, creating a feeling of positivity all around. He was having fun and got the crowd grooving. I wanted his set to last even longer.


Joris Voorn played a smooth set, allowing people to find their own moment as they danced, and always signalling with a clap-clap when he was building up to a good drop, which I found endearing. Voorn’s set went along with the setting of the sun, which made it feel momentous, and led into Ben Klock with the proper aplomb.


Meanwhile, Tel Aviv natives Red Axes held court at the intimate south stage to an appreciative and attentive crowd. This crew laid down a gorgeous and often droll series of beats and movements – never losing the thread that kept the dancefloor in motion.


Back at main stage, Ben Klock showed us why he’s rated so highly on the international techno scene. Best part – the Victoria Day fireworks at Ashbridge’s Bay next door ran in tandem with Klock’s finale, making it extra-epic.


It made for a strange exit from the festival, as we were quickly surrounded by young children and parents. I kind of felt like I’d had a wholesome day of house and techno, and now it was time for bed.


Unill next time, Electric Island! For Canada Day's edition we head to Hanlan’s Point for some fun and excitement with the likes of Maceo Plex, Recondite, Roman Flugel, Chaim, Atish, Nadai, and more. 

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