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Cannabis and California have gone hand-in-hand for decades, and over the last seven years Enchanted Forest Gathering’s (EFG) founder Tulku has positioned his festival to be on the forefront of cannabis activism. “There is really no better location to have the music festival world’s most expansive and interactive 420 zone than Mendocino County,” says Tulku. “Mendocino County is the where Proposition 215, which legalized the cultivation and sale of marijuana for medical purposes in California, was birthed, so it’s no surprise it’s where Enchanted Forest Gathering has grown into adulthood.” And grown it has. While staying intimate in vibe and numbers, Enchanted Forest Gathering is experiencing it’s strongest year to date due to heavy word-of-mouth recommendations as the festival that hasn’t sold out, but has the top line-ups.

Additionally, the cannabis world has fully embraced this DIY festival, and is some of its most ardent supporters via the creation of ‘The Emerald Forest’ by CannaCraft, the seed-to-shelf NorCal cannabis manufacturer and distributor. Including free on-site 215 Evaluations by PrestoDoctor this year, in addition to speakers, distributors, vendors, a dispensary, a comedy zone (The LOLounge), The Emerald Forest inside Enchanted Forest Gathering is undoubtedly festival world’s most expansive and interactive cannabis zone to date. Tulku helps curate the line-up of EFG based on his many moods from chillout to “let’s get this party started.’ If you haven’t already, grab your ticket for this weekend’s festivities and listen to Tulku’s five tracks to sesh out to, inspired by the festival’s line up!

“Cosmic Rays” by The Floozies ft Ryan Zoidis

I was turned onto Colorado-based The Floozies after catching their opening set for Big Gigantic and I fell in love. They do it all for me: the funk, the groove and the sexy. They are one of my “get up and go” acts. I’m a big fan of this band and the way they incorporate electronic and live elements is done so tastefully. This new track by them is seriously one of their best.

“Elsewhere.” by CharlestheFirst

One of the things about Enchanted Forest is we are often discovering things before a lot of other festivals. One of our big finds of 2016 was Tahoe/Truckee’s CharlestheFirst. When I want to sit back, smoke one and float away, CharlestheFirst is one of my go-to acts. Besides just loving the music, it’s been so awesome to see this guy come up and be recognized outside California. His music really keeps a nice beat while also taking me a to a familiar yet new location in time and space.

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“Cinnamon” by SunSquabi ft Late Night Radio

One of my favorite acts since the early 2000s has been Thievery Corporation. They really opened up a whole new door for me when I realized that behind every good hip hop track was potentially a really good downtempo/trip hop song. Thievery was oftentimes our blazing soundtrack in those days, and I have so many fond memories of those days. It opened my eyes to the likes of Kruder and Dorfmeister, Gotan Project and really helped open my eyes to the immense possibilities of not only electronic music, but also the fusion of live and electronic elements. SunSquabi is a gentle reminder of those days, especially this song “Cinnamon” with Late Night Radio. I can almost see the glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling in our “bong room,” with the velvet black light posters and lava lamps.

“Tentacles” [Ivy Lab Remix] by Noisia

I can’t even remember when I discovered Noisia...they’ve been on my iPod as long as I can remember, but I do remember the moment I heard this song a month ago. I was sitting on my back porch in Sonoma County. It was sunset. I had just smoked and this cloud was overhead with thick tendrils emanating with the last rays of the sun blasting through. The song shuffled on from soundcloud -- it was the most perfect moment of nature and art coincidentally combining. It made me think a lot about Enchanted Forest. How nature and art mixes to create a second home of infinite possibilities.

“The Real” [West Coast Tribute Remix] by Stylust Beats & Pigeon Hole

There is something so special about this guy named Stylust Beats. He’s been playing for us for years and never disappoints. At a time when certain genres electronic music got too heavy and too much, Stylust Beats can channel your inner child punk rock and hip hop tendencies while having seriously one of the most hyphy times of your life. He’s one of the fun djs out there. Last time I attended his show, I was in the most fun crowds. Everyone was bouncing off the walls (and each other!), in the most supreme example of everything I love about music: Fun, musically talented, no phones out and everyone just living in the moment with each other.

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