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Weedsday Playlist:’s Chris Whitener Shares 5 Songs for Your Next Smoke Sesh

Outkast, Stonegrey and Three-6 Mafia all make an appearance in this diverse selection.
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Chris Magical Butter Magnetic Magazine

As a mixologist at a posh resort, Chris Whitener perfected the craft of infusing alcohol with fruits. He happened to concoct some of his famous recipes, including apple cinnamon whiskey, espresso vodka, and pineapple rum, in an original botanical extractor from MagicalButter. Using the MagicalButter machine behind the bar and sharing its amazing capabilities with resort guests eventually led a foot in the door at, the company that develops the machines and other culinary devices focused on well-being and natural treatment options. During a trade show in Seattle in 2012, he met the original MagicalButter machine's inventor who later invited Whitener to join the team.

Today, Whitener leads the TeamMB sales and support department and serves as the director of events, where he derives pleasure from sharing the benefits of healthy cooking and the importance of healthy diet and lifestyle on overall wellness. “Working with MagicalButter has been a rewarding and exciting experience, allowing me to travel the country spreading education about the joy of edible cannabis!” he says. Inspired by Whitener’s good vibes and the company’s innovative botanical extractor machines, MAGNETIC asked Chris to share his top five tunes for your next sesh.

“Burning In The L.O.P.” by SOWFLO

“Burning In The Land of Palm Trees” is the perfect track for rolling up and chilling on the beach. SOWFLO are cool irie dudes from Southern Florida, bringing the best in reggae music. They’ve created a movement, and each song reflects an upbeat positive vibration. They’re huge supporters of cannabis and are not shy to share their message with the world. MagicalButter has had the pleasure of cooking in the kitchen with the boys from SOWFLO. They give our MagicalButter machines to fans at each one of their shows and invite our mascot Mr. Butter to dance on stage frequently.

“Wubbalubbadubdub” by Jade Cicada 

This song is super squanchy and perfect for an intergalactic house party with all of your glip glops. Jade Cicada is a heady DJ whose music is a constant homage to those who have inspired him. This song’s inspiration is the adult animated science-fiction sitcom Rick & Morty. Rick Sanchez is an alcoholic mad scientist whose catchphrase is “Wubba Lubba Dub Dub.” It’s a colloquialism in native Birdperson language, meaning “I am in great pain, please help me.” Jade Cicada has created a timeless classic with this track and it brings my people much joy. I recently saw this song live at Tipper and Friends in The Spirit of Suwannee Music Park, FL.

“Da Art of Storytellin’” by Outkast

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This song is featured on the album Aquemini and produces instant nostalgia for me. I can remember walking to the bus stop and jamming to this tune on my Sony walkman. It made me feel so fresh. This song is not to be confused with Slick Rick The Ruler’s album The Art of Storytelling. It does feature a smooth verse from him, though. Me and my homies would gather and showcase our lyrical abilities, “shoot game in the form of story rap.” Roll one up, hop in the Cadillac, and let this song take you down south.

“Far from Nothing” by Stonegrey

Stonegrey is comprised of four young men out of Florida. They’re known for revival rock and roll due to their distinct sound. My younger brother Eric Whitener is the lead singer. The band recently won The Battle of The Bands at The Hard Rock Casino in Tampa, and they recently released their second album Voice Of Reason. With heavy guitar riffs and precise rhythms, Stonegrey’s music has an emotional depth that I can’t get enough of. This song really gets me going and inspires me to keep striving for more!

“Where’s Da Bud” by Three-6 Mafia 

“Where is da bud? We’re looking for the bud.” This is one of the first songs I smoked weed to as a youth. Three-6 Mafia have remained relevant in hip-hop since 1991. They have an endless list of great songs to roll up and get your mind right to. Lord Infamous is the main rapper featured in this track, along with DJ Paul, Juicy J, Project Pat, Crunchy Black and Gangsta Boo. I love listening to this track in a car with a loud sound system and subwoofers to really feel the music -- No vibrations gone to waste!

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