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Weedsday Playlist: Spitfire Labs Shares 5 Songs for Your Next Smoke Sesh

Puff, puff pass and press play.
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Weedsday June 21

In May of 2015, Brooklyn’s Spitfire Labs was born. This cool husband and wife team produces high quality laser engraved art pieces out of cherry wood. Each design showcases their eclectic style, which is inspired by television, movies, video games, folklore, mythology, and pop culture. Using eco-friendly practices, non-toxic chemicals, and locally sourced wood when possible, Spitfire Labs is dedicated to keeping the environment safe. 

Recently, MAGNETIC featured a cool collaboration between Spitfire Labs and Cannador in our Father’s Day Gift Guide for dads who like to toke. Blown away by their custom engraved humidors (you have to check out this intricately engraved cannabis leaf design that uses strain names to shape the leaf), we we asked the team to share their favorite sounds for puffin’ down with a story about each.

“Chillaxin' By The Sea” - Gramatik

This song is very dear to our hearts. We were fortunate enough to be in Amsterdam while this song was playing in the background at a cafe. We just felt incredible joy and happiness to be in a place where the city accepts cannabis culture. It was the first time we could smoke cannabis and not be judged. 

“Bam Bam” - Sister Nancy

When we were younger, this song was the song we would put on to get the night started. We would have a ritual of organizing our cannabis, papers, filter, or packing the bowl. It's one of those songs where it lifts your spirits with good vibes and great rhythm. 

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“Fu-Gee-La” - The Fugees

When I was younger, my friend lived in this development with a lake that we used to hang out at. One night we were chilling in her car, underage. Her parent let us use the car to go to the lake, as long as we didn't go anywhere else. So, one night we went down to the lake, where there was a bunch of people hanging out on the beach and making a bonfire. Before we went to join them, we wanted to smoke. My friend was rolling a joint, and she said, “Just be my look out okay? Make sure no one comes by.” I was like, “Yeah, sure, sure.” I didn't, though. I think I was just really wrapped up in the music. 

So, in the middle of her rolling, her uncle walks right up to the window, and goes, “Yo, what's up guys? Watch ya doing?” We both nearly pissed ourselves. I jumped like we were watching a scary movie. Luckily, it was dark enough he didn't notice. We talked with him for a minute, then he left. My friend looks at me, and she goes, “WTF dude!” I said, “Sorry.” I couldn’t help but giggle my ass off. We laughed, like damn. Either he didn't see, or was just being super cool about it.

“I Won't Lie Down” - Face To Face

One time this song was playing when I was hanging out with a friend in his car, just shooting the shit, talking about love, life, and theories...what to do, where to go, if we are on the right path...I was sitting in the passenger seat, and he was in the driver's seat. It was a nice night out, all the windows down, music playing. I was chewing gum, and I just remember thinking, “I am done with this gum.” My friend was mid-sentence and I spit my gum, literally launched it past his face out his window without even thinking it was a weird thing to do. He stops and, I am like, “What?” And he's like, “Your window is open and you just launched your gum two inches from my face.” I couldn't stop laughing for what felt like ten minutes. He said, “I would have killed you and I am not even joking.” He really wasn't, but I couldn't stop laughing.

“Third Eye” - Tool

This story is from one of our team members, Joel. I went to a Tool concert at Nassau Colosseum, the Lateralus Tour. The whole place was hotboxed. Suddenly, everyone just jumped the walls and filled the general admissions area. I clearly remember the lyrics "Think for yourself. Question authority." Then, there were low rumbles and smoke rising. I truly felt like a small part of a cell. Everyone in that room, in that moment, we were all part of this cell with the band as the nucleus. The thing we were there to be a part of.

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