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Not so much to bleat on about this Friday except that the Hospo BBQ was as well executed as ever last Saturday and, Bristol is wicked. Lots of drum and bass fun for you kids below. Nothing left to do now but sit back, strip off (coz it's hot weirdo's) and get off amongst!

The tunes last time...

"Cocooned" - Bungle [ThirtyOne Recordings]

I don't know who Bungle is but he's got a great name and a great tune to boot. Big up Bungle!

"Come Together" - Camo & Krooked [RAM / Mosaik Musik] 

Favorites deliver once again.

"Hack" - Dub Phizix [Exit Records]

Many thanks to the Dub Phizix lot for making this prowling stomper and remaining reliably awesome. Side note: more tunes from Exit Records should reside on these humble charts. 

"Gravitate" - Tantrum Desire [Technique Recordings]

"Let's all gravitate to the love y'all" could not be more fitting in these stormy times.

"Take Me " - Ownglow x Mitekiss [Hospital Records]

Bit of an exercise in patience but aren't all the best things when they're well and truly worth it. I'm sure that's how Ownglow feels about his new EP,Inside The Silence which is out... well, today!

Recommended Articles

"Diplodocus (Noisia's 'Outer Edges' Remix)" - Noisia [Vision Recordings]

Whether you're a diplo-docus or a di-plod-ocus fan, one thing can be agreed across all camps - Diplodocus has got teeth alright.

"Bad Blood" - Emperor [Critical Music]

More critical devastation from the dark lord.

"The Process" - Enei ft. DRS [Critical Music]

Caught DRS (the man, not the venereal disease) at the Hospo BBQ on the weekend for this first time - been trying for an age and not an ounce of disappointment was felt. 

"Black Metal" - Serum [Horizons Music]

Not for the faint-hearted or a Sunday morning. You've had fair warning.

"Wasteland" - Teddy Killerz & The Qemists [RAM Records]

The perfect fusion of rock and DnB rides again. And if you want more of the Teddy stuffing, check our our premiere of 'Ready'.

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