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Weekly Top 10 Drum & Bass Chart - June 23, 2017

What So Not and Noisia up the tree - M - I - X - X - I - N- G. Plus deadly tunes from deadly combo's Camo & Krooked, Calyx & TeeBee, Nu Tone & Logistics and Ekko & Sidetrack...

I'm speechless. Also potentially lazy, so going to let the music speak for itself today! Check out the rumble in the jungle from last time if you're feeling neglected.

Plus here's Camo & Krooked for visual representation - they have a new album out by the looks. Camo's hair is dreamy.

Krooked & Camo [see what we did there]

Krooked & Camo [see what we did there]

"Skin and Bones" - Hybrid Minds ft. Grimm & Laurence Baker

Hybrid Minds' new album 'Elements' has dropped today and this little gem is only the beginning! 

"Blown" - Calyx & Teebee [RAM Records]

Well - blow me! - the Calyx and the T... Bee. 1, 2, 3... annnnd that's enough. Play the damn song.

"Hold On (VIP)" - Madface Feat. Benji Clements [RAM Records]

Nice duality at play here -yes you heard me - some Jekyll and Hyde shit.

"Breathe" - Ownglow & Disco's Over feat. Elle Vee [Hospital Records]

Mr. Ownglow teams up with a bunch of bandits to produce this easy breather - the new EP's out now!

"Spinning (Sunrise Mix)" - Youngman [Technique Recordings]

Youngman has lent his chops to Drumsound & Bassline Smith's “Steal My Heart” and Wilkinson's “Hypnotic” and this heralds the first of his “Spinning” project releases -twiddled with by no other than Fred V & Graffy boy.

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"Mind Less" - GLXY (ft. BLAKE) [Pilot]

Call me biased but after having met charming kiwi vocalist Blake on a train last week, and stalking her Instagram furiously, I can vouch for the talent. She lends her soulful vibes to this track from GLXY and makes it magic.

"Come Together" - Camo & Krooked [Mosaik / RAM Records]

'Come Together' is a one of the finer cuts you will hear coming at you via their 4th album, Mosaik. 

"Divide & Conquer (Noisia Remix)" - What So Not [Sweat It Out]

What So Not and Noisia up the tree - M - I - X - X - I - N- G.

"Strut feat. Other Echoes" - Nu:Logic [Hospital Records]

Beast half-time monster lurching your way below...

"Joy In Me (Ekko & Sidetrack Remix)" - Varcity

I don't know about you lot, but this certainly injects joy into me. Well played E&S.

That's all I got - ya rinsed me.

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