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June was a BIG month. Jumping, joyful, juggernautical - if you wanna get all alliterative on it. Though upon thinking it through, you probably didn't. Goldie outed Banksy (allegedly) and released his first album since 1998. New albums from Camo & Krooked and Hybrid Minds hit the shelf. S.P.Y pulled back the curtains and threw some sweet tunes back into the fray. Teddy Killerz aimed a spot of shade at jump up artists and people grabbed their pitchforks in response.

Errrr, Glasto happened. 

Yes, I'm a veritable fount of current events, and here is some music!

Tunes from last time...

"Witchmaker" - Killbox [RAM Records]

Intimidating by name, composition and nature - Ed Rush and Audio are double threat, Killbox.

"Heat Of The Moment" - Camo & Krooked [Liberator Music]

The audio equivalent of a pash and dash - Camo & Krooked , the big teases, have released snippet versions of every 'Mosaik' track via SoundCloud.

"Pull The Trigger (Black Sun Empire Remix)" - Flux Pavilion [Circus Records]

Nothing brings me more joy (that may be an over-exaggeration but bear with) than being able to feature Flux on the drum and bass chart - thanks to BSE for being an enabler. This is bad ass.

"Dark Matter" - L-Side [V Recordings]

Would highly recommend any of the tunes off Brazilian L-Sides 'Love Vibration' EP. 

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"Black Fog" - Dub Elements [Viper Recordings] 

Everything you could want and expect from a track titled 'Black Fog' - the slow looming unfolds into darkness and debauchery.

"Guess What" - Joe Ford [Shogun Audio]

Guess what? He's back - that's what. Oh hey there Joe. Quite the entrance!

"Losin' Sleep" - S.P.Y [Hospital Records]

Mass excitement from the inner D&B community surrounding the launch of S.P.Y's new tunes - he's at Fabric tonight to ring 'em in. If you're around, go for a squiz.

"Fade Into The Night" - Cyantific 3000 [Viper Recordings]

Viper's 'Summer Slammers 2017' compilation album is a force to be reckoned with and if you need proof, I suggest you head along to Work Bar, London on the 5th of July where Cyantific will showcase the goods alongside the likes of Brookes Brothers, Koven, Insomniax, Ekko & Sidetrack, and Tantrum Desire. 

"Empath" - Keeno [Hospital Records]

The Hospital Returns to Let It Roll EP is home to four grand tracks - one of which is Keeno's below - marking the addition of a Let It Roll addition to Hospitality In The Park tentscape.

"Puff N Stuff" - Need For Mirrors [Full Cycle]

Soul In Motion resident DJ and Kiwi boy, "Need For Mirrors," has a new EP out called 'Mutiny' which is full of interesting tracks. 'Puff N Stuff' is one such unique example.

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