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So, I know this is a drum and bass chart but indulge me a moment while I talk GALA Festival, where disco (and actual rain, lots of it) dripped from the tent tops... Who knew a slightly slower pace could be so relaxing and bloody well enjoyable! Particularly great were the throwback beats of Nicky Siano, who apparently used to be a resident at Studio 54. 

It ran well, displayed a whole lotta enthusiasm and funk, and certainly taught me a thing or two about operating outside of one's musical comfort zone. Check it out next year if you're in the mood for a smaller scale outing without compromising festival vibes or great music.

Now, this weekend. This weekend is another story altogether! Off to baste myself in BBQ sauce and bass this weekend at the mighty Hospitality XL BBQ in Bristol! Sure to be an outstanding time and tickets are still available today so get yourself on board... those ribs won't eat themselves!!

Check the Bristol breakdown from Keeno last time, or for more Bristol based business - this exclusive premiere from Ill Truth.

Otherwise, it's business as usual in the chart...

"Uh-huh" - Document One [Technique Recordings]

We'll take your Uh-huh and raise you a heart ass MMMMM-HMMM Document One.

"Dimmer" - Need For Mirrors [V Recordings]

Bang up bassline roller from Joe Moses, one of the lads behind the hump day Soul In Motion events.

"Like I Do" - Camo & Krooked ft. James Hersey [Liberator Music]

Getting spoilt by these two at the moment - not only the tinglings of an insanely bouncy track to be found below (full thing available on Spotify) BUT a fresh Radio 1Xtra mix also - that's here.

"Wash Away (Calling For You)" - Wilkinson [EMI]

Classic Wilkinson - ever delivering the goods. Strap in, your mood is about to rocket through the ceiling.

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"Mirage" - Mefjus [Critical Records]

Can't - hack -anticipation!! This one's about the journey not the payoff - fitting, as it's been done in celebration of Critical's 15th year. Happy Birthday!

"Sleepless" - T & Sugah ft. MVE [NCS]

Long time T & Sugah fan me. With good reason too! Masters of uplifting D&B minus the monotony. Although the crowd's are dubbing it drumstep - so what do I know. Rate it!

"The Odyssey VIP" - Drumsound & Bassline Smith [Prototype Recordings Corp.]

Grooverider's Prototype label takes on 2004's Drumsound & Bassline track. Taking a longstanding wall of nostalgia and applying liberal coat after coat of fresh gleaming varnish. Forgive me, I'm a painter's daughter.

"The Mute" - KLAX [Critical Music]

Self-proclaimed noise makers from Brighton, the boys from Klax have mixed for the likes of Culprate and Emperor, prior to rustling up this little gem for Critical's 15th birthday...

"Conquest" - Calyx & TeeBee [RAM Records]

Calyx & TeeBee make another... well... conquest. What more can I say?

 "Thoughtless"- Hillsdom [Viper Recordings]

Viper's Summer Slammers compilation is becoming an institution with 2017 being its 8th installment. 10 tracks of the 34 are unreleased diamonds and this track from Hillsdom is one of them!

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