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It's time for us to serve up another set of trap tunes we think you need to hear from the past seven days - and there is an array of remixes, collaborations and free downloads in the mix. 


1) BTSM - "Face Down" ft. Panther (SUB-human Remix)

The massive "Face Down" from Black Tiger Sex Machine has been given an indulgent, hugely powerful trap/bass edit from SUB-human, and this one will have you hooked straight away. 

2) Paapi Muzik - "Back Up"

This free download goes BIG - full of punishing drum beats and a progressively surging bass line, "Back Up" is a wicked listen full of varying elements. 


Another freebie in the mix for you all to soak up, this dancehall inspired cut really gets you moving and feeling invincible with its intricate rhythms and chopped up vocals. 

4) Azide x J Swey feat. Blak Trash & Milano the Don - "G's Never Lie"

With a track/artist title as long as our arms, this bolshy lyrical number is a must-hear. Those cavernous, menacing vocals bring fresh darkness to this rap-influenced cut, and it leaves us feeling badass every time. 

5) Adam Bomb x David Poison - "Gargoyles"

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This monster collaboration shows stellar production values from each featured artist, and the splintering sounds of "Gargoyles" are a force to be reckoned with - perfect to get you over Hump Day... 

6) Fauré - "Brahma" (Original Mix)

So the highly respected Fauré is back with his first release in a couple of years, and we've missed his tasty sounds. This Eastern-inspired piece ties up fresh melodies and jostling bass quirks with aplomb. 

7) BVLVNCE - "Gaslit"

"Gaslit" brings bags of chills with its emotional top line and heavy-weighted vocal melody. Drawing on hardcore and electronica influences, it comes to life with expressive energy.

 8) Zo Grand - "Heaven"

Zo Grand is back on great form with this synth-rich bit, and "Heaven" shimmers with its hazy riffs and distinctive form - bringing snatches of euphoria to lift the spirit along the way. 

9) BARENHVRD - "The One" ft. LVNKY

It's another free download, and it's another stellar sound. "The One" builds with sophisticated flow from the offset, whilst LVNKY brings a gritty edge to proceedings with his instantly memorable lyrics. 

10) GLOBAL - "Wait" (ft. Kyle Massey)

Now rolling out on Sup Girl Records is this punchy number from GLOBAL and Kyle Massey, an infiltrating sound that snares your attention with its whirring melodies and blasts of sirens. 

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