As summer begins, so does our favorite time of the year, festival season. With that comes one of our favorite pool party festivals, Splash House. Splash House isn't just a music festival, it's an entire experience, and more than anything, it’s a party.

To prepare you for the weekend, up-and-coming performing artist Wingtip has put together the perfect pre-party playlist for the weekend. Whether you listen to it on your drive down to Palm Springs or at work, it's sure to put you in a great mood for the weekend, so enjoy! 

From Wingtip:

"This playlist is a collection of summery and warm songs I've been really digging lately and that I think pair perfectly with the Splash House vibe - I'm really excited to play some of these at SH, as well as some other feel-good records that I don't usually get to play in live sets. See you there!"

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