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Premiere: DAS Unveils Surreal Skiing Video For 'Control' From Upcoming EP

The EP will be released on July 24th

DAS, short for Dynamic Alpine Sexual, is nothing short of absurd. Created by multimedia artist Jordan Sarah, the album and corresponding visuals tell the tale of skiing legend Dirk Dassler and his inability to grapple with fame and personal crises. We are happy to give you a taste of that with the video for "Control."

The video captures that absurdity with a seemingly random mix of characters including robots, dancing skiiers, skeletons and many more. It all seems ludicrous, but there is a certain majestic quality to the whole thing.

The song itself is also quite funky, capturing the spirit and excess of the 1980's you see in the music video.

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DAS was originally premiered as a live show at the end of March and April, which described the whole experience as “more than living the fast life on the slopes, sensual indulgences, exotic powders, etc -- it’s an attitude.”

So with that in mind, jump right into this video, now or maybe late night. The Dynamic Alpine Sexual EP will be released in full on July 24th. 

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