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Dense & Pika Promote New Techno Release By Saying Genre "Is No Longer The Sound of the Future"

They lament the rise of ‘plastic techno’
Dense & Pika

UK house and techno producers Dense & Pika are causing a good deal of commotion on the dance music internet in response to a recent op-ed they wrote for Ibiza Voice. They wrote about the state of techno at the moment and the juiciest, most quotable section is where they make the claim, “techno is no longer the sound of the future.” You can just hear the techno heads ripping their black v-necks to shreds in response.

The gist of their argument is that there isn’t the same type of push for innovation that there was 20 or 30 years ago when the pioneers such as Jeff Mills, Laurent Garnier, Aphex Twin or The Orb making music.

“Now kids are going to big outdoor pool parties and getting blasted with ice cannons and that is not futuristic in any way. In fact, it’s passé,” they write.

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“There’s a ‘plastic techno’ sound that has become prevalent which is the new ‘deep house’.”

There point has some merit. Whenever a genre becomes the hot or popular one, there will be those who rush in to make it. Inevitably there will be plenty of generic drivel and garbage. That is the music cycle. Once techno loses its steam some, those who are pushing things forward will rise once again. Until then, enjoy the “plastic techno.”

Not everything is so bad though. There are some people pushing things forward such Ben UFO, the Hessle Audio crew, Nina Kravitz, Tama Sumo, Helena Hauff and Anthony Parasole are among those given props by the duo.

Whether or not you agree with them, saying things like this is one hell of a way to promote your new techno release on Drumcode. Cheeky bastards. 

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