Damn it's hot out here! Just sayin, y'all, if you visit Austin, TX during the summer you need to know what you're in for. You know what's also hot as hell? This here chart. There are so many fresh releases on our radar that we had to cut a dozen songs from the list in order to keep it to 15! It's tough to get yourself to dance when the temps sneak up into the triple digits but it's even harder NOT to when you're listening to these disco jams! Enjoy!

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1. Hubbabubbaklubb - Tomme Lommer - Snorkel Records

Hubbabubbaklubb. Hubbabubbaklubb. Hubbabubbaklubb. Man that’s fun to say. These Oslo based producers are masters of the whimsical and the weird. What a joyful track!

2. Kool & The Gang - Gift of Love (Young Pulse Rework)

Young Pulse editing a Kool & The Gang track? Really? What did we do to deserve this? Absolute classic funk vibes on this with Young Pulse’s signature, stripped down feel. The man is an absolute phenom. Did you know he builds ALL of his own stems?

3. The Possé – Bionic Moses - Ken Oath Records

Prepare yourself for some smooth grooves! Listening to this track feels like having a wonderful dream in the middle of an acid trip. We want more!

4. XXXX XXXXXX - Track 1 - House of Disco Records

Get ready for a whirlwind of mysterious sounds from an unnamed artist! It’s got jazz, funk and round-house vibes that’ll kick you in the face.

5. Michael the Lion - Side of Life - Soul Clap Records

Michael the Lion is a man who gets around. With releases on all of our favorite labels, it’s no surprise he’s popping up on Soul Clap Records with a 5 track EP. Stay tuned for an interview with him coming out this week!

6. Ursula 1000 - Fiorucci (Aimes Remix)

Aimes’ synths are a glory to behold. His songs are alive with layers that weave and bob like a ship on the high seas. This remix touches on some cool themes, with the haunting Ursula 1000 vocals bringing a hidden depth to the track.

7. Aroop Roy - Mapora - Kampana

Here's some disco from Japan! Aroop Roy returns with an afro-house track that's got some serious attitude. With syncopated vocals, a throbbing bassline and a light touch of synths, it's a Grade-A jam. 

8. The Fat Badgers - We Don't Care (Barbies Bad Beat Mix) - Black Milk Music

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Masterful work on this absolute classic! It’s got that special type of vocal feature that you sing without knowing the words. 

9. Angtry - Twelve

Are you ready to sing to the sky as you shoulder shimmy with reckless abandon? Just wanted to warn ya. Short, but sweet, it’s melancholic vibes round it out into a future-funk track with legs!

10. Moullinex - Work It Out feat. Fritz Helder - Discotexas

Moullinex and his label, Discotexas, are regular ol’ features on this here chart. It’s hard to deny just how good his ear is. This one’s got tearing synths and a vocal feature that speaks to a certain purple maestro. Funky with a capital F! 

11. Luke Million - Back to the Rhythm feat. Sam Sparro (Jafunk Remix) - etc etc

It’s hard to sit still when Luke Million busts out his synths. Add in some Sam Sparro vocals and a JaFunk remix and you’ve got an absolute winner! Tight, deep and on point, it’s perfect for your summer drive playlist.

12. Unknown Artist - SIML - Schenkelspreizer

The name doesn’t matter with a song this good! Try and keep your hands from reaching to the sky, we dare you. 

13. Odyssey - Inside Out (Purple Disco Machine disco edit)

Gird your loins because this is a big one! No surprise, considering the bangers that Purple Disco Machine is known far and wide for. Better yet, it’s available for the low-low price of free.99! 

14. George Duke - Reach Out (Ziggy Phunk rework)

Light touch on this one, Ziggy! The king of bass lines retreads the classic George Duke tune and it feels so damn good!

15. DJ James Ingram - DIN DAA DAA - MONOSIDE

This one straddles a few genre lines but we couldn’t NOT share it! Absolute heater from disco-house Don Angelo Ferreri’s MONOSIDE label.

Bonus track time! Too hot to handle!

As always, here's the playlist!

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