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Exclusive Mix: Sharam Jey [Tech House]

This icon of dance music masterfully breezes through a selection of funk-laden grooves from his Bunny Tiger imprint

Sharam Jey is an impressive figure in the realm of dance music. He boasts a discography that numbers well over 100 releases stretching back over 25 years. His 1996 remix of Café Del Mar with André Strässer under the Three N One alias has achieved legendary status. Over the years Sharam has managed to evolve alongside dance music crafting electrifying beats every step of the way. That kind of staying power is hard to come by.

In this exclusive Magnetic Magazine mix, we get the opportunity to see why this powerhouse has remained on top of his game for so long. Flexing his skills as a master selector he floats his way through groove upon funk-laden groove of quality tech-house and minimal, all curated by Sharam from his own Bunny Tiger imprint. Check the mix below, and catch this icon of dance music throw down this month on the 14th at Kremwork in Seattle; the 15th at MIA in Vancouver, BC; the 16th at Astral Harvest Festival in Alberta; the 21st at Sound in L.A. and the 26th at La Cave in Costa Mesa, Ca.

DBMM – “Letter 81”

Jean Bacarreza & Bruno Be – “Aditya”

Andruss – “Sonar”

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