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Two honorary Mancunians (that's hailing from Manchester, England) join us today. Feint, should already be familiar to you as an up and comer (with a shit hot UKF podcast, alongside releases on Liquicity and Monstercat) and MYLK, is a unique singer, songwriter and producer who has musical ties in J-Pop’s leading AVEX Group... intriguing!

The pair have joined forces for brand new track 'Outbreak' as part of the Rocket League x Monstercat Vol. 1 project and they did such a bang tidy job of that collab, that Magnetic thought, god dang it - who better or wiser to keep us abreast of what the music scene in Manchester is up to this week. See their picks below in a slight segue-way from our usual D&B chart, whilst still keeping the flavor, major.

Energy bringer, Outbreak will be available on Monstercat on July 5th.

More D&B good times...

Feint Pick #1: "Meltdown" - Marcus Intalex (feat. Calibre) 

Always loved this tune! Huge respect to Marcus, being an absolute pioneer in the scene - I only met him twice but he offered great words of support for someone relatively new to the scene. I remember us taking the tram back from the airport after our flights happened to coincide - he told me that even though what he and I did were vastly different and rooted in different times, I should just do my own thing and not to think about what others would think. Massive, massive respect - rest in peace mate! 

Feint Pick #2: "Buffalo Charge" - Dub Phizix and Strategy 

Ridiculous half-time party anthem. Insanely catchy, can't not go mental when you hear it! Just an all round fun tune!

Feint Pick #3: "Lunar Cycle (Phase I)" - Synkro

Huge fan of Synkro - absolutely chilling vibes and clinical execution.

Feint Pick #4: "New Beginnings" - Soular Order

Such an apt title. Listening to this the first time was almost a religious experience for me; amazing soundscapes and horrendous torrents of vibes.

Feint Pick #5:"Outbreak" - Feint (feat. MYLK) [Monstercat]

This is out on the Rocket League soundtrack now! MYLK and I have both lived in Manchester for years so we kinda count right?

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MYLK’s Picks:

MYLK Pick #1: "Promises" - Feint

This song has always been one of my favorite tracks by Feint. The composition is so emotional and beautiful throughout the track. Not only I'm honored to do a track with him and as cool as it sounds to do a track for Rocket League - most importantly, this guy is my best friend and it gives me so much joy to even have a track out with him. Lots of love to Feint <3

MYLK Pick #2: "Rollin With The Flow" - Geek Boy (ft. Abi F Jones)

I've always had love for Geek Boy's productions and so much love for his use of chords. We did a track together back in the day which was a cover of "Flowers" - a hit song by Sweet Female Attitude who are also Manchester based. This is one of his more recent tracks, and its so catchy! Big up Al!

MYLK Pick #3: "Happiness" - Children of Zeus

A friend of mine took me to see these guys live one night in Manchester, and their performance blew my mind. The vibes were great overall and they know how to put on a good show. I really have a soft spot for Jazz/Soul and they fuse Hip-Hop and R'n'B on top of it! Its great and they deserve so much respect!

MYLK Pick #4: "Dusk Funk" - Bondax (ft. Ayah Marar)

Another great track full of melodic funk! Again, I have a soft spot for these kind of tracks, such positive vibes, great composition and it never fails to put a smile on my face. 

MYLK Pick #5: "Wonder N Wane" - Shunya

Another friend of mine introduced me to Shunya's music. I hesitated between this and "Analogue Heart" but I think this one takes the cake - the singing is so beautiful and the use of percussive instruments and overall composition is arranged so well. It amazes me how they aren't famous yet! Wanted to shine a little light on them as they fully deserve it and I hope to hear more from them in the future.

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