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For those readers in the Southwest, it’s time to prepare for yet another festival experience. Yet, this isn’t a type of festival, a quote I am sure you have read too many times. Alas, this one is truly unique. It combines a good old Texas float with a stellar selection of music. You read that right. Festive goers float the river to one of two music stages with a spectacular line-up featuring Zedd, Weezer, MGMT & more! Float Fest is going down this weekend July 21-23rd and will be held at the Cool River Ranch in San Marcos, Texas. Attendees can expect an exponential amount of upgrades from last year, including early camping load in, VIP lounge with free WIFI, a Frigid Float lounge complete with AC, a shuttle program leaving from Austin, San Marcos, and San Antonio, draft bars, and tons of shade to keep you away from that Texas sun.

Having a festival on the river and adding the float element is pure genius. However, as much fun as it will be, it’s also going to be absolutely grueling. If you’ve ever floated on the river, you may know that the Texas summer sun can really beat you up. Add in some bumping beats and too many adult libations and you have a recipe for exhaustion.

Preparation doesn’t happen by accident. It’s a skill and necessity to really maximize your squad's festival experience. With weather predicted to be a clean 100° on both Saturday and Sunday, we've prepared a list to maximize your fun with a focus on keeping you safe. All the while, you’ll be shaking that tail feather. So without further ado, here are some tips to maximize that Float Fest experience.


1.) Hydration Nation

Drink water, drink some more water, and then drink even more water. Bring Gatorade and Powerade in preparation for any hangovers that might occur. Drink more water. I think you get it? You should bring so much water that people think you are preparing for an apocalypse, okay?! Another tip for you. Grab like 4 waters for your squad to toss and yell out "Drink Water!" Then do it every hour on the hour! DRINK WATER!

2.) Food = Energy

Some of you won’t eat. Some of you will eat your heart out. Most, will skip a meal here and there and only eat when there near starving or on the verge of death! Totally understand why. You’re too busy making new best friends and having a never-ending dance off doing the macarana and the cha-cha slide. Our hats tip to you. Definitely carb load for breakfast by whatever means necessary! Also, the festival will have a bunch of great food trucks at affordable prices. Go force feed yourself and try something new! Get that energy you need to dance, float, and party all day!

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3. Look out for each other!

It’s going to be a long, hot weekend on the water. Look after your mates! Make sure they are doing good on the float! Make sure everyone is constantly drinking water! Make sure no one is dehydrated! Make sure everyone is having the bestest time eveeeer! If you think someone isn’t doing well… just ask and check in with them! Hey man, everything okay? Can I help you real quick? Little things like this go a long way to make sure everyone is having the best possible experience!

4.) Invest in water shoes! 

Going from the river to land and back multiple times can hurt those precious feet, and you need those to dance without limitations! We highly recommend investing in some comfortable water shoes. Imagine the possibilities. You could float the river, walk the campground, dance in the water, and run on land without taking your shoes off! Mind blown!

5. Rest At The Frigid Float Lounge

This year Float Fest is debuting the Frigid Float lounge! For an additional $30 you could be relaxing in a lounge like atmosphere all the while getting blasted with some high quality AC! This is almost a necessity given that it’ll be over 90 degrees all weekend! Thank us later! 

Leave No trace

6. Leave No Trace

This is a no brainer! Clean up after yourself! Make the festival grounds cleaner than it was when you arrived! 

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