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Four Tet Announces New Album, Shares New Song 'Two Thousand and Seventeen'

An album is almost ready and should be out this year
Four Tet

Four Tet

Four Tet is an artist who does not release music often, but when he does, he makes it count with their length and complexity. Kieran Hebden has been pretty quiet this year, but is breaking that silence with a new single and according to a tweet, a new album that he is almost done with. The single is titled “Two Thousand And Seventeen” and has the chilled percussion you hear in many of his songs, but brings in some lush guitar strings to round out this blissful tune.

In an interview with Annie Mac, he revealed that he had been “making music for the last 10 months.” So get excited about new music and an album from Four Tet sometime before the year is over.

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